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The reality behind the holocaust

Updated on March 13, 2012
It shouldn't be forgotten
It shouldn't be forgotten

those who choose to forget it are doomed to repeat it

This is a subject that gets me so angry to those who commited this atrocity. It should've never have been deleted from germany, they deny the whole thing, and they have erased it from their history.

In 1939, the holocaust started. The reason jews were targeted was because when things didn't go the way nazi leader, Adolf Hitler wanted he thought the reason was cuz of the jewish people, instead of his own foolish reasons, he blamed others. The holocaust didn't just stay around germany, it went as far as russia and all across europe. If you break the words Holocaust down, the word itself is greek, it means whole burnt.

To fit the perfect society Hitler had, you had to have blonde hair, and have blue eyes. Well the start right there, not many people have that. It wasn't just jews that were targeted, it was also homosexuals, blacks, jehovah's witnessess and people with disabilites.

He executed them by means of genocide, some went into slave camps where they were forced to work til they died, others were thrown into death camps, where they were either gased or shot in the back of the head. Not trying to scare you, but this is what happened. Others died in the ghettos around europe, most of them died in Poland.

2 of the most horrible death camps were Auchwitz and Jasenovac. In Jasenovac, people were starved, they had to work in the camp, the environment that they were forced to live in were disgusting, they suffered form malaria due to this. Due to the "overpopulation" of the camp, guards were forced to slit the throats of 1,360 new arrivals. They were also subjected to endore pain such as having their arms bent by a wire, they were also thrown into the river while still alive and were shot to make sure they couldn't reach land.

One speech hitler made he said in 1941: "The jews are bane of mankind. If the jews do what they want they will destroy MY world, they are parasites on a health society, one thing can be done with them exterminate them, they shall never be able to be escape the death camp." This is to prove how insane he really was.

The worst of the worst was Auchwitz, life inside this camp was anything but happy. The victims were subjects in experiments by josef mengele, they were also stripped to having only wore wooden shoes no socks. The people were shot in the back of the head, and if they didn't die right away, there were guards to shoot them directly in the head as they walked by.

The death tolls at auchwitz and jasenovac were very different. The numbers at jasenovac were 4 million. The death toll at auchwitz were 6 million.

The history of these camps can never be forgotten. There are those who choose to deny it and act as if it never happened, But history has proven that it did in fact happen.


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