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The rewards of being a school crossing guard

Updated on May 19, 2012

Last Fall this writer wrote a tongue-in-cheek, but accurate, article about things he had learned in his part-time job as a school crossing guard. Crossing guards are subject to a lot of hazards in their job. They include:

  • Being used as targets, what with those bright yellow vests they wear!
  • Being laughed at by drivers who narrowly miss them
  • Getting cut off or nearly run down by the 80% of drivers who ignore the "No right turn on red light when children are present" sign
  • Verbal abuse by drivers who are being held up for a few seconds on their way to work
  • Cars and trucks running red lights
  • Drivers who think it's more important to chat on their cell phones than pay attention to their driving
  • Drivers who stop their cars in the middle of a crosswalk when at a red light, thus subjecting the children to making a decision on how to get past them. This happens more often than you would imagine.

Fortunately, the children are more considerate than the adults. The guard is often rewarded with a thank you from the kids whenever they cross the street. Finally, perhaps once a year, a child will present a small token of appreciation for the year the crossing guard has spent out in the cold, snow, heat and rain with minimal pay. Behold yesterday's reward from one of the students, below. It makes it all worth while.


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    • profile image

      Wayne 5 years ago

      Cute. A plesant article that says a lot about the kids and their parents.