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Breakups - Get The Right Attitude

Updated on December 4, 2012
Get the right attitude
Get the right attitude

Get the right attitude

I’ve always wondered why women can’t borrow some of the attitude of R&B singer, Eamon’s song, ‘I Don’t Want You Back’. When you break up with your boyfriend-it’s totally over! It’s time to move on with your life. One is not expected to cry over the loss of her boyfriend. Through your crying you make a total fool of yourself. You should get your act together and live on. Taking you through life’s drama, I will give you some guidelines that will make you have the right attitude towards your breakup.

1. Delete his number from your phone.

You have already broken up with your boyfriend, so why should you have his phone number? You need to let go and let it flow. Don’t be the kind of woman who would actually want to talk to their ex-boyfriend in hope of him falling for you again. It has never worked like that.

2. Don’t tell everyone about your breakup.

Leave the past behind at the back of your mind, because that is where it belongs. Don’t go telling everyone how your good love went bad. Please, no one wants to know because these things happen and you are not the first one to have had a breakup. When you stop talking about it, you will soon get a ‘new love’.

3. Leave his friends alone.

You might be hurt but don’t go advertising it. Whenever you meet his pals, could you please talk about something else other than how your ex-boyfriend is doing or how comes he isn’t hanging with them at that particular moment. Don’t bug them but move on because his friends will tell you nothing. They will just see you as a desperate woman who cannot get another guy. Trust me; this is not good on your side.

4. Don’t be a third party to your girlfriends’ dates.

At the time of your breakup is not the best time to hang out with your pal and her boyfriend because it will remind you of the times you and your ex-boyfriend had together. When you are trying to move on, that is not what you need. Your friends will always look for ways to cheer you up even if it means dragging you along on their dates. If they do this, please kindly appreciate the gesture but simply, turn down the offer.

5. Get rid of all the tiny memories of your lost love.

I don’t mean that you become psycho-angry and you cut and burn every little thing that revives a memory with him. Be civilized and just put them away till you need them after your recovery. They might be cute but how are they going to help you to move on?

6. Get yourself another guy.

The world did not stop revolving when your heart was broken. So you need to get up and move on. There are a lot of fish in the ocean, so why don’t you become a fisher and fish for lads? Spruce yourself up and go out. This is the final recovery plan and as soon as your ex-boyfriend discovers that you already got another guy, it would kill him. Don’t worry about what your friends will say or think when they realize you have already hooked yourself up with another man so fast. Who cares? Anyway, it is you life and you should live it as you please. If you are one of those heartless people, go with one of his friends. Why don’t you? It will be good for you and good fun too!

With all this, always remember never to accept to be his friend no matter how desperate you are. This only worsens things and you might find yourself going back to him. Unless that is what you wanted, then just avoid your ex-boyfriend until you fully recover from your breakup. I wish all the heartbroken girls, ladies and women a speedy recover. Good luck!


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