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The self discipline of manifesting abundance

Updated on January 25, 2010
the flower persists despite the over growth
the flower persists despite the over growth

self discipline weighs ounces but repentence weighs tons

Let's face it, it doesn't matter what you want to achieve, whether it is a small personal change or a massive life altering one, self discipline is going to play a major role in that. Without self discipline, you are nowhere to be seen. What I mean by that is that self discipline is the precursor to all attainment. It is what separates the achievers from the non achievers. Because self discipline is an effort.

It is a simple effort but one that is essential. Anthony Robbins the famous inspirational speaker, once said that "discipline weighs ounces but repentance weighs tons." It is most likely that you have experience of this. For example, you may have thought about learning something new or starting a new venture, but for whatever reason you couldn't quite get it together. The time went by and then you are left with the feeling that if only you had been more disciplined you would be successful by now. This is made even more apparent if there were other people you knew who did persevere and achieve what they wanted.

Whenever you want top bring about change there will always be resistance. If it is change in a company, there will be staff that will resist; if it is change in the nation there will be the people who will resist. But when it is change in your self, it will be you who will resist. That is why from the word "Go" you need to have the courage of self discipline so that when you create the scenes and thoughts of abundance in your mind in order to start manifesting abundance, you will be able to face the opposite thoughts and emotions that will almost certainly emerge in you.

By maintaining a little self discipline, you will be well on your way to manifesting abundance and as soon as you start seeing practical results that will be the confirmation that your sub conscious cannot deny.


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    • Artemis001 profile image

      Artemis001 3 years ago from London+New York

      Thank you Deborah. I agree with your comment. We are manifesting whatever comes into our lives, in one way or another. The art of manifesting is about being more purposeful with it which requires us to think clearly about what we really want.

      Here''s a video of a section from the epic Mahabharatta. This is the scene of the Gita which is revealing how to perform great actions, yet be free from the desire of the outcome.

    • profile image

      Deborah Sexton 3 years ago

      Manifesting is an art form and a metaphysical science which deals with how naturally and effortlessly we can allow our desires to show up in the physical world. Basically, manifesting just happens when you get crystal clear on what it is that we want, remove any limiting or negative thoughts about receiving it, hold the intention it's now coming our way, and take massive inspired actions following our intuition. Manifesting is not difficult to do, in fact we manifest things everyday without realizing we are doing it. We desire a pizza and call the pizza guy and it is delivered hot and fresh to the door in 15 minutes. Yet, when it comes to bigger desires that feel beyond our realm of resources, we tend to fall into old limiting belief systems that stop us from believing that our dream is possible.

      One of the greatest secrets to manifesting is learning how to live in a state of detachment from the mind. This means you realize that you are not these thoughts that pour through the mind, yet you are the witness and consciousness behind it all. Detachment in this sense does not mean indifference, apathy, or lacking excitement for your desires. It's not a feeling of disconnection, isolation, or some strategy for creating a false disconnected state so that you can later achieve your desire and become momentarily happy. Having the intention to manifest a desire and being detached from the outcome is a very fine thin line to walk, and learning to dance along it makes you into a master of manifesting!