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The simple Present Tense

Updated on August 6, 2017

The Simple Present Tense

I have been teaching Linguistic for 10 years now, however i realized that in order a person to speak and write in good English language, one must first Lean English Tenses, this is because English Tenses guide a person how to speak and or write according to the time. Being a linguistic teacher, teaching Swahili and English, i have came up with simple way to Learn all English Language Tenses categories with full formula winch will guide you how to learn and understand English language quicker.

What is Simple Present Tense?

The simple present tense, is a tense which express actions which are in daily routine or habits. That is it tell us those actions in which some one or something do everyday, every time, every year, every month, every second and so on.

How will you recognize simple present tense?

The simple present tense can be recognized by the appearance of some words in your given sentences. These words include the following:-

  • Every - which can be , every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every Monday, every Tuesday, every Wednesday, every Thursday, every Friday, Every Saturday, every Sunday, Every Week, every Month and every Year.
  • Sometime- The appearance of this word indicate that the sentence is in simple present tense because the word sometimes denote that some one or something is doing a certain thing at unknown time, but its like his/her or its behavior to act like that.
  • Always -This word also denote simple present tense in sentence, as it express that something or some one is doing something in routine or habits.
  • Daily - This denote those activities being done every day.

Formula to use on Simple Present Tense

The formula of how to use simple present tense is divided into two category , however it may stand alone as one. Its division came from the rules on how to use simple present tense. I will start giving you the standalone formula which requires you to understand the pronouns, such as She, he, it and They , we, you, I.

The formula

1. SHE/HE/IT + VERB + S /ES /IES ( To the given Verb)


i. She plays football every evening = she + play (verb) + S (Added in verb)

ii. It rains every day = she + rain( verb )+ S (Added in verb)

Formula 2.

THEY /WE/ YOU/ I + VERB + .........( nothing to add to the given verb)


i. They cook every time.

ii. We eat every noon.

iii. I do my homework every weekend.

NB. The words, she, he, it and they, we, you, I, These are known as pronoun and pronoun stands before the name of things, Animals and people.There fore you may use names of things, animals and people in your sentences by comsidering the your formula.

More examples on Simple Present Tense.

The following are mixed examples on simple present tense for both formula :-

i. She always cries for help .

ii. We learn new thing everyday.

iii. It rings every four minutes.

iv. He comes here everyday.

v. They always help us!

vi. I write good ebooks every weekend

vii. peter cleans his house every day

viii. we teach people new thing every day

ix. John makes good tables evry month.

x. She washes her clothes daily.

The use of simple present in plural form.

If you want to use simple present tense in plural form( Third personal pronouns), then you have to consider the second formula given above.

the following are examples :-

i. They watch movies every night

ii. John and peter always play to gather.

iii. we make good furniture.

iv. You cry every night.

v. They go to school every week.

vi. we make the best pizza every day.

vi. They sometimes go to the market.

viii. We always shop online.

ix. Anna and Jane love each other well.

x. We share our earning every month.

Try out to do the given question below

Try out this question to check out yourself if you understood the lesson .

  • Question, change the given verbs in brackets into simple present tense
  1. James (write) notes every day. (.......................................................)
  2. She (buy) new smartphone every year .(............................................)
  3. It (stop) at 04:00 pm every day (.........................................................)
  4. I (eat) pizza every morning (.............................................................)
  5. They (mistype) the letter every time. (................................................)


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