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The Subconscious Mind What it Thinks What it Feels

Updated on October 5, 2015
Madonna Bugayong profile image

Madonna lives in Gardena, Ca with her 2 kids. She attends LATTC for Business and Psychology, and she's a survivor and human rights activist.

My theory on emotions felt based on fear and love actions when we think with our Subconscious Mind

I was really inspired by my priest at church one Sunday. I watched him meditate with his eyes closed and candles all around him he was glowing. I was so fascinated by him because it felt like I was in meditation with him. I felt as if a sense of peace and serenity took over me, it was euphoric. I was intrigued and he had my full attention. He opened his eyes, started looking around blinking trying to regain focus. When he was ready to speak I noticed my stomach had butterflies and I was excited for some reason. I realized that his message was for me and I felt saved and loved. He opened his mouth and yelled out FEAR! He paused for about 10 long seconds and repeated it a couple more times. Then he said "Fear is stronger than Love" chills ran down my spine and I had goosebumps and the rest of his words changed my views and my life. I was so inspired I wanted to write in my own words and experiences about fear and love and where the emotions are felt. Do you remember the very first time you did something that made you feel so wonderful inside, it warmed your heart and passion grew deep within you? The thought of the distant memory to this day will bring a smile to your face. Those type of feelings you experienced are called emotions. Your emotions describe a certain type of feeling caused by your actions. Good emotions can make a person feel confident, special, admired, appreciated, euphoric, excited , passionate and accomplished. Wonderful feelings are felt within our hearts, it is followed by love actions. Our emotions are attached to the subconscious mind in our head. A persons habits and certain patterns are created here. As we grow up we are learning, we face new challenges, battle different struggles, take new risks , meet new people and lose friendships, we lose relationships, we lose our self-confidence, lose our jobs, lose a loved one, we hated the way certain foods tasted or we gave something a try and it resulted in failure.These patterns we created were established by our subconscious mind. It is a memory bank, the capacity is limitless and it permanently stores everything that has ever happened to you. It works day and night, never stopping and reflects our thinking and actions. All of our comfort zones and patterns are memorized here. When the subconscious mind is established to certain customs and you attempt to do something out of your comfort zone it can cause a person to feel emotionally and physically uncomfortable, frightened, scared, held back and refrain from moving forward in life and taking chances. This type of painful experience caused you to be fearful. The subconscious mind tells you to hate those feelings, they're dangerous, unpleasant and don't do it again. The first time you did something that made you feel the emotions of fear it scared you. Whatever the reason, it changed you and you are different. It caused your depression, it was a sense of sadness with pain from loss , you stopped believing and it even made you lose your faith. You still remember all of those feelings even though they happened when you were younger and growing up . You hate the thought of those feelings because your reaction was to become angry, violent, aggressive, deeply sad, you held yourself back and you gave up on something you once loved or believed in. That is your subconscious mind warning you that it's negative , to stay away, don't do it you'll regret it and you won't like it. Fear is what holds you back from improving yourself, falling in love again, trying new and exciting things, settling differences from a heated argument, forgiving someone that hurt you and taking steps towards your future. Fear can lead you to make bad choices like stealing, lying, cheating, arguing and can ruin a persons way of life and living. If all you had were negative results or negative memories and negative experiences then fear will overcome any positive emotions associated to love. Fear is felt naturally and real. You can control being fearful and gain courage if you recognize and accept your fear. The very first time you did something that made you absolutely happy, so alive inside and passionate is the emotion felt by love. You wanted more experiences just like it. You're life was perfect and you were achieving your goals and it felt beautifully rewarding. You were in love and your heart was exploding with happiness and you felt content with yourself and you're smile was as wide as ever. To this day you remember those feelings and they're your favorite memories. The thought makes you tingle and you miss it because they are the reason you love ice cream so much, you love your wife/husband, you love your job or love football, the point is you loved it once. Deep within it made you feel alive, excited and passionate about life. When love fills the subconscious mind anything feels good and all actions are possible.

Ask yourself these questions about past and recent experiences and try to remember the emotion you felt. Think back and try to remember and picture in your thoughts what the battle was.

Do you remember that feeling, the very first time you fell in love?
Do you remember that feeling, the first time you lost a loved one?
Do you remember that feeling, when you first learned how to ride a bike?
Do you remember that feeling, when you got into your first car accident?
Do you remember that feeling, when you received your first paycheck?
Do you remember that feeling, when you lost your job?
Do you remember that feeling, when you watched your firstborn take their very first steps?
Do you remember that feeling, when you first broke up with your true love?
Do you remember that feeling, when you first tried your favorite candy?
Do you remember that feeling, when you first hated the taste of vegetables?

To gain self-control back, really absorb this distant memory and meditate by clearing your mind and closing your eyes. Repeat to yourself something positive like " I am willing to do better or I know I can do it." You should be thinking of something positive and telling yourself it's possible. Let go of any fear by blocking out the subconscious mind. Turn it off and take yourself to a relaxed state. Have control of your inner self because you really are in self-control of your own actions. Once you realize your fear and you face it with such fearless passion and force within your heart with inner-self strength, that feeling of new emotions overcome your entire soul and subconscious mind. It's highly gratifying, it's pure satisfaction, it's your greatest pleasure, it's self-respect, it's self-esteem, it's what you dreamed of and a new sense of accomplishment and achievement. Now you feel alive again, you are so relieved and so blessed. You say to yourself, " you've never been this happy before in your whole entire life. " You are now in control of your true inner self. When this happens you know it, you feel it, it changes whole your life and you embrace it with open arms and a open heart. You see clear and you know your full potential. You don't know how you ever lived without this power within. Now you feel unstoppable because you want to reach every dream you ever dreamt of, you are living your life that you've always wanted for yourself and you want to help make a difference in someones life and you want to spread your love that you feel deep inside your mind, body and soul.


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