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The talent of the Incas

Updated on February 19, 2016

Incas Sun festival


The Incas old cultures


The Inca empire continued the old cultures

The Inca empire, which flourished during the 15th and 16th centuries spread in the areas of Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. Other cultures existed before the Incas. The Inca empire continued the old cultures. Since the Incas did not know the writing, not much is known about their early life. They came and settles in the Peruvian Cuzco valley around the 11th century, and gradually occupied the whole valley. Information about their lives till the 15th century is vague. Tupac was a prominent leader of the Incas. He had fought the earlier tribe of Chimus and overpower them. Over a period of time, his descendents worked to establish an empire. But in 1532, a Spanish army of only 200 men defeated the Incas. It murdered the Inca soldiers in a gruesome manner and took over the kingdom.

The talent of the Incas can be seen more in their organizational ability than in their artistic interests. Their empire had been divided into four provinces. Chiefs looked after the provider. Above them was the king. Officials and priests can be seen to be powerful classes of the society here. The land was divided into three parts. One part was reserved for families. The other two parts were meant for the Sun God and the king respectively. The facility of giant granaries was made through the kingdom. At the time of calamities, the food grains stored in these granaries and cloth would be provided to the people. Every year inspectors would visit the villages to enumerate people in every village and also to keep an account of food and animals. The majority of these people were farmers. Some were soldiers, whereas others were artisans.

Inca Religious Beliefs


Sun god


Sun God was the most important deity of the Incas

Systematic planning was possible due to good communications facilities. The state had many narrow roads and two main roads. People were appointed to stand on the roads for passing on information speed. The greatest contribution of the Incas can be seen in their huge stone buildings. Their architecture is spread throughout their empire empire. The most important buildings are in Peru. Many palaces and temples have been found here. The fort built by Tupac is also here. The Palace on an island in Lake Titicaca and the Moon temple are two famous buildings of the Incas.

The Incas had developed new ways of making pots, cloth around in working with metals. Creation of gold jewellery has progressed very well in parts of North Peru. Armours, the picture of the Sun in the temples and various gold ornaments point to the skilful craftsmanship of these people in the use of gold.

The Sun God was the most important deity of the Incas. They believed that God Viracocha was responsible for all creation. According to them, the Sun God was the link between the people and God Viracocha. This was the reason that there was a Sun Temple in all Inca centres. They worshipped objects of nature like the Moon, the Stars and lightning and prayed to other natural phenomena.


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