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The three prospects of leadership.

Updated on July 17, 2012
Col. LaPaix Active Leadership for the militants in the Military
Col. LaPaix Active Leadership for the militants in the Military
Social Activist Tim Wise - Active Leadership for Social Justice.
Social Activist Tim Wise - Active Leadership for Social Justice.

Leaders can only be as effective as the people they governs

If Leadership was a vessel then where ever it would lead us would be up to our engagement. Likewise, leaders are there to perform the deed of the people to whom they are in charge of governing; therefore it is we the people who should decide where our ship goes.

There have never been any leaders who were not lacking in leadership, thus it is the members who are being led who can improve their leader’s guidance. Any discouragement to address your leader when you think that he or she has been wrong is a direct path to monarchism.

I had a conversation in regard to leadership role with Colonel Mario LaPaix who is presently active with the U.S. Marines. Throughout the end of the conversation I realized that leadership is relative to ones education and societal values.

However, regardless of our differences, Mr. LaPaix is to me a great leader in his own right. What I gathered from this conversation is that no matter the reason why we are engaged in war, the soldiers are never to blame. He is a leader for given 32 years of his life serving our country as a militant. But apparently he is more than that, because he didn’t get the name “LaPaix” without exercising rules of conduct to achieve “Paix” which off course stands for “peace”. So when the US military sends LaPaix to Haiti they expect to get exactly that “La Paix”.

Leadership is divided between active leadership, passive and reactive. And as for Col. LaPaix he is an active leader of the US Marines Corp. His leadership however is relative to societal values, which imply that those who are against US intervention in certain countries may view his leadership as meaningless. Meanwhile, his leadership is held at great value to members of the Military along with their families. In that sense, he is obviously a good leader, but perhaps not for those of us who view his involvement as being a chief against the Indians.

The other form of active leadership is our social activists who are often against US involvement in most wars. As you can see the two are never equally identical, wherever there is a quest for power the resistance to obtain it multiply a million fold. And social activists are as much in the interest of their country as Col. LaPaix, the difference lies between their level of awareness and value system.

Where the activist is against the war because the sum total of our engagement doesn’t economically benefit the US population at large, The Colonel is for the war because of the benefit it brings the US military and also because of the push to secure our boarders against terrorism for those of us who still believe that the threat is still alive.

Now, from looking at the interest, we have visualized the platform by which leadership is sustain. From this perspective we’ve found it reasonable to say that leadership is relative to societal values plus the education obtained.

Passive leadership on the other hand needs a hand to improve leadership. Those are people in society who understand the need for improvements but somehow won’t participate in protest unless the active leaders urge them to do so.

The only problem there is that there are more people who are passive leaders than there are those who are active. The active leader’s dreams are to change those passive leaderships into real activist work. To achieve that goal they have armed themselves with educational tools and tactic to enlighten the public about the issues that consumed us all.

As we know, leaders are evaluated by their performance. However, what makes a passive leader into an active one is mostly base on his or her engagements; anything else may be viewed as puppet leadership.

We are well aware by now that you can start off as a community organizer and become the president of the United States. So as you can see all leadership roles have had a start, the finish line is determined by the effort that has been placed in the engagement.

Community organizing means working with a small sample of the population at large; it allows us to familiarize ourselves with the issues while learning how to solve them on a smaller scale. Thus, community organizing is an active leadership role since it calls for a full engagement with those within the community. The evidence of that outcome sits at the executive branch of our government.

Reactive leadership however doesn’t come into play until some event cause people to react. Events like Immigration Rights, Iraq War and LGBT Rights. Those are events that bring about reactive leadership; the advantage from that result is the fact that some of those people remained passive leaders after being involved in a protest. Some of them have remained involve to the point where they became students of activism.

From this perspective, we can conclude that the number one thing that urges a protester to become a passive leader is education, educations about the issues at hand, education about interest vs. disadvantages, and education about their rights. Therefore, a real education is the means to all ends where without it people are more likely to fight among one another for a chance to destroy each other.

As we have seen in Haiti and across the globe, the lack of awareness has blindfolding the globe leaving it in total darkness. This is why they must be some kind of balance that permits at least a little light to shine through, without that we could have all tips over into an infinite darkness of chaos.

As we have witnessed, leaders are quick to offer us their promises which often are not delivered. And if we were to rationalize promise we would have noticed that all promises starts off like an inflated balloon, the bigger the balloon the higher the expectation of the promise becomes.

However, if for some reason the balloon burst while being inflated, the promise is said to have caused a disappointment. We live in a world that is being inflated with undelivered promises, and it is because of these promises that the effect of our planet has become so apparent. It has come to a point where we can't remove the "smell" out of "bull..." anymore. No matter where you hide it, the people will smell it.

At the same time we should remember that those social activists who brought us the truth have no power of they own except for the one you have given them. In that sense, you should never think for once that they are not pressured for it. Therefore, they can only be as powerful as the trust that you have placed in them.

We often hear the quitter’s mind repeats that “we should stop talking about the things that we cannot change”. Meanwhile, what they are really doing is giving each other a reason to quit. If Dr. King was a quitter, Viola Luiuzzo, Frederick Douglass, W.E.B DuBois, Marcus Garvey, Jerry Mitchell and Rosa Parks were quitters, black people in this country would still have their seats behind that bus. Obviously, it is through communication that the struggle to any progress begins, and if there is anything that shouldn’t be talk about is our failure to commit ourselves to make that change. Will you vote this upcoming election?

Another one of my favourite Social Activist


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    • Coolbreezing profile imageAUTHOR

      James Dubreze 

      8 years ago from New York, New York

      As for myself I have found purpose by educating the public. What inspired people about my writings is the fact that they are thought provoking, and they’re also imbedded in truth.

      I speak from the heart. The knowledge that I have bought to you is from a bottom up perspective. One of my strength which I utilized a lot is that I can visualized a situation from my imagination and use logic and reason to draw a convincing conclusion out of it. As you have seen with this article below.

      I found purpose in sharing ideas and learning from them. I found purpose in pushing for change in America. I may be a small shovel, but I help cleared hudge paths.

      I have a good friend in the military – he was a Marine first but now he serves in the Army as a medic.He is what I would refer to as a passive leader. He leads when he is call to lead, but he’s a militant by birth – some people are born like that.

      I felicitate you for your great leadership work as a militant serving our country. I hope that you stay positive, and always see justice first before any rule of engagement.

    • kalixao profile image


      8 years ago from desert

      I researched, designed, and implemented an accredited workshop for leadership and communication for honor's students at the University of Arizona. I have eight years military background, all in leadership positions in combat situations, as well, that I incorporated into the workshop. I found parallels to types of leaders with your delineation of "passive, active, and reactive" leaders. I made it rudimentary, and defined these types as with wolf packs and military (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Omega). What I found over a three-year period of working intensely with these young future leaders, and others who participated, including veterans and Supreme Court judges, is that the best leaders are the "reluctant" ones, the "reactive" leaders, who wait, think, plan carefully, prepare, and finally step up to the plate with a game plan, because they feel obligated to do something for the group they represent. Their entire goal is to "serve", not wave a flag and take glorified credit for it. They are compelled by their natures to "do" something, to give back, to make effort in the context of shared meaning and purpose. Is that what you've encountered in your own research of leaders and leadership dynamics?

    • Coolbreezing profile imageAUTHOR

      James Dubreze 

      8 years ago from New York, New York

      Hi! Med

      Thanks for the complement - And yes I did say that the military was for the safeguard of the US population at large. The problem however is that there is a sigma that suggest to the militants that there are not part of us (we the people) and that they're governed by different codes. And because of that many of them view themselves as separate or indifferent.

      Now, when that happened it creates the same result that Tim Wise described in that video above "Divide and Conquer". Which makes it difficult for the soldier to share the same view as us the civilians.

      You know as well as I do that we do care about the soldiers, and as a matter of fact it is part of the main reason why we protest. We don't protest just because we against the concept of the war or military spending, but also because our soldiers are dying for a cause we don't all fully agreed on.

      It is good that we're fighting terrorism by being offensive. Offensive in the sense that we rather attack to defend our boarders than to just defend by waiting for a possible attack.

      If terrorism is the most serious threat we face than by all means we the people want that protection. But at the same time we should keep in mind that every project has a cost by which it is feasible to obtained. In that sense if we're spending so much money that our citizens are left jobless than the threat is no longer the terrorist, it is now our livelihood.

    • Support Med. profile image

      Support Med. 

      8 years ago from Michigan

      Well written on levels of leadership. I can only hope that one day we can achieve successful results for our country (and others) without the devastation of war. And you did state in your hub that the military is for our countries protection, not just for their own benefit.

      In The News:

      KABUL, Afghanistan – Five American troops died Saturday in bombings in southern Afghanistan where international forces are stepping up the fight against the Taliban, officials said.

      Four of the victims died in a single blast, NATO said in a statement without specifying nationalities nor providing further details. A fifth service member was killed in a separate attack in the south, NATO said.

      U.S. officials confirmed all five were Americans. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity under rules regarding casualty identification.

      The latest deaths bring to 75 the number of international troops killed in Afghanistan this month, including 56 Americans.

      There are too many who have died in 'war.'

    • Coolbreezing profile imageAUTHOR

      James Dubreze 

      8 years ago from New York, New York

      Hi! Ademyke

      I'm not too sure about the question but I suspect that you’re asking - what do I think about Youth who wishes to make a change in government properties? I found this question a little out of bounce - But anyhow if you are referring to project housing, I think it would be a great Idea. It would go well with passive leadership. I think I can be a little neater myself if you ask me - so yes it would work.

      Hi! AEvans

      “Our leaders need to lead and not put the cart before the horse” I couldn’t have said it any better -

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thank you for pointing out different levels of leadership. I agree the promises have been over inflated and the poo has gotten deep. Our leaders need to lead and not put the cart before the horse. Thumms Up! :)

    • ademyke profile image


      8 years ago from Shomolu, Lagos State, Nigeria


      What do you think about Youth that wish to make a CHANGE in Government properties on how they mentian it, do you think it could work?

      Please i need need your answer/


    • Coolbreezing profile imageAUTHOR

      James Dubreze 

      8 years ago from New York, New York


      Now, this article is about pointing out different levels of leadership, how there are obtained and the initiative that led to their development.

      Good observation, you actually help me clarify myself more. Thanks for your two cents - You are right in the sense that the military role is not just to protect what is to its interest but rather to protect our territory and citizen against foreign attract.

      NOW, some would tell you point blank who's crazy enough to attract the United State of America - well in that case no one - but if you think about it in terms of economy - I contest that we are under attack –

    • Storytellersrus profile image


      8 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      I find this interesting, this unemotional exploration of leadership for peace in the world. Although I am not completely sure what you are advocating here, I like how you consider each point of view from a positive perspective. Is your motivation to move people from passive to active status? Are you saying that this occurs when people react to a particular event?

      Your appear to be saying that the military is only for the military good, which I don't agree is the case. I think the military considers its role as protecting what their particular country thinks belongs to them in the way of property and rights. Are you implying that this can disintegrate into protecting their turf and jobs?

      I appreciate what you have to say on this subject. It would help me if you could be a little less vague. Thanks for making me think.


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