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The universe is nothing but energy waves!

Updated on March 1, 2014

energy theory!

It is all Energy!

The universe is nothing but vibrating energy waves. This is what scientists have found out while exploring the atom. The gross part is called 'matter', the subtle one is vibration and the subtlest one is radiation. In fact, what we observe with our eyes is nothing but energy waves vibrating. With our ordinary vision, we may not be able to know this fundamental theory. Hence a most sophisticated electron microscope alone can prove that matter is nothing but energy. We can prove it by a simple example. There is water which when kept in a freezer becomes 'ice' which is a solid with a shape. It won't flow freely like water. Now the same water, when heated beyond the boiling point become steam or water vapor.Hence we can not understand by seeing a thing. Particle physics is one such discipline which goes into the fundamental thing which constitute atom. We have heard from astronomy that the space consists more dark matter. There is an interesting topic 'how the stars are born and how they disintegrate? Everything about the universe is really astounding to the ordinary common man.

Even those scientists, with their advanced technique could only make a guess work about the universe. They posit many theories about the origin of the universe like the "Big bang theory. Eeinstin has found out the famous equation E= MC squared. We classify the energy into potential energy and kinetic energy. An atom bomb stored in the arsenal is potential energy. When it is hurled on earth, it become massive kinetic force to destroying many countries with huge population. Hence we can never assert that matter is inert. Actually it is solidified energy bundle. In Hindu mythology, there is a mention about how the creation commenced. Prior to creation, there was nothing but ONE which is formless attribute-less entity.For our understanding, it is termed as Shiva and Sakthi. Both are only one and for the sake of creation, it is considered that the One has become two. The passive and active. Sakthi is like the energy aspect and Shiva is like the matter. In fact, matter and energy is inseparable! It is like the Sun and its rays, the fire and the heat, the ice and cold! These can never be separated. Likewise, Shiva and Sakthi can never be separated. If Shiva is the pure white screen, Sakthi is the play or show which falls upon it.

As the deep truths can never be comprehended by ordinary human intelligence, our ancestors have written lot of treatise on the Veda, Upanishads, the epics etc. They all assert that there is really ONE and there is no second entity. The one alone has become all this. Hence it is mentioned that the creator pervade the creation and he transcends it too. The entire universe and the denizens are the manifestation of the One. The world of creation can not exist without 'matter and energy'! Hence we visualize different varieties and forms in the outside world. We see today, supersonic jets flying through the sky, huge ships coursing through the deep sea, and many kind of bullet trains in many regions of the world! How they were made possible? It is due to the inherent energy which was harnessed by the researchers and designers in various field!

In the past two decades, Information technology has expanded in leaps and bounds. Every day, a new gadget is designed with astounding capacity. The chip, the brain behind the entire computer system has evolved so smaller that in one square centimeter of space, there are trillions of transistors. How it has become possible? It is the refinement in technology. Now most of the scientists are exploring the nano matter and a new field of discipline called 'nano technology is being taught in many of the leading universities of the world. As we go subtler in our research philosophy, more and more energy seems to come out. For instance, there is a lump or iron which may cost hardly a rupee. When the lump of iron is subjected to many process, a watch is manufactured out of the lump of steel which will cost around one thousand rupees. Since the inventors were able to design such minute parts to move, it has become costly.Student of human physiology and anatomy knew that our body consists of certain elements like the iron, magnesium, zinc, etc which hardly costs around few rupees in the market. With the human intelligence, the same body is able to amaze millions of rupees even with honest endeavors. It is the fantastic capacity of human brain to invent newer things to make human life more comfortable and information oriented. Now even an illiterate worker possess a mobile phone to communicate. School going children are able to surf the net and there are more child prodigies who are experts in computer programming. The brain is a lump of neuron fibers but the capacity is immense. It is really a wonder that man harness only 5% of brain capacity!

It is very much evident that there is no inert material at all in the universe. Even the sand particle which contains silica is the backbone of computer industry!


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