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The Great Deception America's True Economic Face

Updated on November 27, 2009


          I am writing this article to explain why America is not a pure and full Capitalistic country (as many believe) but instead the economic landscape of this great nation is  composed of both Capitalistic and Socialistic programs which work hand in hand to keep America’s economic and social structure intact.


          To understand how these two systems work together we must first define what each system is and how excessive implementation of each system would destroy our financial and social structure. To do this, I have broken down these entities into two forms that I call Basic and Extreme.


          First Basic Capitalism is defined as an economic system based on private ownership of a business whereby an individual or organized group can produce goods and/or offer services in a free but competitive market where the Government only regulates certain aspects of that market hoping to prevent illegal activities.  Now Extreme Capitalism is similar in its foundation in that it allows individuals and groups to own and operate a business, but under this form of economics, the Government has little or no oversight thus allowing certain crooked entrepreneurs to cheat the system and gain an unfair advantage over their employees, competition and over those who purchase their products and services.  It is noteworthy here to understand that Extreme Capitalism is highly favored among politicians, especially those who follow the excessive Conservative movement.



          Now Basic Socialism is described as a form of economics where and individual or group can own and operate a business but all activities of that business are overseen and regulated by the Government which ensures that all individuals employed by the business receive equal pay for the amount of work they do.  Under this form of economics, the Government also regulates the equal distribution of goods and services thus ensuring that all consumers receive equal amounts of each product or service offered but Extreme Socialism is far different than Basic Socialism for under this system the Government not only regulates the full activities of a business but also consumes a majority of all revenue, products and services produced for its own self-interests.  As in Extreme Capitalism, Extreme Socialism is also highly favored among many politicians, especially those who follow the excessive liberal movement.


          In the previous paragraphs, I have discussed Capitalism and Socialism is small details, but how do they affect my life as an American citizen?  First Capitalism allows an individual to work for an income (hopefully till his or her golden years) which he or she will use to purchase the necessities of life for themselves and for their families, but what happens if that individual is fired, becomes disabled or can no longer work due to age?  Well, if it wasn’t for the Socialized programs of Unemployment Compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other institutions controlled and operated by the Government that individual would suffer needlessly.  So Basic Capitalism in America provides an individual the freedom to earn a living while Basic Socialism in America provides support for an individual who can no longer work due to work dismissal, disability or age.


          In conclusion, while this article barely touches the overall concept of Capitalism and Socialism in America, I hope it has awakened you to the Great Deception of America being or needing to be a full Capitalistic or Socialized country for you can see the extreme of either would greatly destroy the face of America’s economic and social structure.

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