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The Real Meaning of Christmas

Updated on December 25, 2009

Some people think the real meaning of Christmas is what you get under neath the Christmas tree, Some people think its just a season that people selabrate, but its not. People reject the REAL meaning of Christmas and just care what they DO get under neath the Christmas tree. I hope you don't, because the REAL meaning of Christmas isn't any of those things, its about our Savoir who was born on Christmas, now thats the real meaning. I hope people take the time to think about that. What the real meaning of Christmas is about. Or who its all about. It all started in Nazareth when a young girl named Mary got married to a carpenter named Joseph. They both lived in Nazareth when King Caesar Augustus was paying the people taxes. For Mary and Joseph this was startling news for Joseph was descended from the family of David, the great king of Israel. Since Joseph had been born in the City of Bethlehem, Where David had been born, the emperor's decree meant that they would have to travel to Bethlehem at once. Joseph brought his donkey to the door, they loaded the donkey with food and clothing. Then they set off on thier journey to Bethlehem. On the way Joseph said to Mary," I'm sorry we couldn't wait until the baby is born." said Joseph. Mary replied,"I'm not afraid, our baby has been blessed by the Lord." Then they prayed that they would be safe.they reached Bethlehem at midnight. They went to an inn and asked the inkeeper if there was a place to stay. The inkeeper said I don't think we have any room here so they found a barn and gave birth to Jesus there.

See the real reason is that its Jesus' birthday not Christmas presents under neath the tree.


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    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 3 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Yes, and thank you for sharing! Merry Christmas to you!

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 8 years ago from West By God

      Jesus's wasn't born on December 25th. It is said that he was born sometime in the warmer months. No worry though becaseu it is the LOVE and the Compassion that he was to teach us the rest of our lives. Most people only do this at this time of year, but it isn't only for this time of year, but for all the days.

    • johnb0127 profile image

      johnb0127 8 years ago from TX

      True, True, TRUE!