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Theoretical Rhetorical Physics and The Lost Art of Science

Updated on March 16, 2012

Closer now than we have ever been?

There are a number of books that can be read and papers published online and even some very entertaining documentaries out there explaining the discoveries of science.All of these will put forth a new theory as if it were fact and proclaim that we are closer than ever before to understanding the universe.Is this in fact the very beginning of our understanding of everything in our reality?Are theoretical physicists truly on the verge of figuring it all out?Or in fact have we taken a slide backwards in our understanding of how things work?At what point did everyone miss the word "Theoretical"and allow the lines between fact and fantasy to become blurred?


How can that work?

I have been a fan of astronomy and science since I was a kid and have always followed the latest scientific discoveries and theories.I found science and the space program exciting and informative and really looked up to the leading minds of the field. Lately,astronomy and science/physics have lost a lot of the appeal they once had,due to a fundamental change in the mentality of the men I once looked up to and trusted for information.When did science become a Field where it was okay to formulate huge unfounded and literally far fetched theories all for the sake of finding a single mathematical equation to explain everything in the cosmos?Then it seems like behind that you have the anti-God theoretical physicists who form even more wildly fantastic theories that are again supported by absolutely no evidence all in the quest to discredit religion.Some of my favorite scientists have turned to a type of scientific rhetoric that has completely discouraged and dis-hearted me and a lot of other true science buffs.

To clarify for example one issue that has disturbed me for quiet a while is the fact that once certain members of the scientific community formulate a theory or endorse someone Else's theory it seems as if the school systems begin to teach these "theories" as fact almost immediately. When many of the things I was taught in school specifically stated that they were theories and not fact,such as Einstein's theory of relativity. This is accepted as fact now and now that I am older and have studied the subject myself I have absolutely no confidence that anything Einstein wrote has any fact to it at all. For example his view on the relation to time and space or"space time",if one takes a really objective look at this theory it becomes almost juvenile. Time does not have any relation to reality or the universe because man invented time. Time was invented basically as a system by which man could judge life span and then it evolved and advanced. To be totally honest with ones self think of time for a moment,does it really exist? Actually no it does not,the sun sets and rises,seasons come and go but they do not obey our concept of time.We have to adjust our instruments,even atomic,to match the seasons and sunrises and sunsets. Then there's the problem with mathematics,for time is based on a system of counting that was invented by humans and even though it may be hard to understand,our system of mathematics could be flawed.So when Einstein states that time and space are relative actually no there are not in any way related.To state that when still you are moving through time, but when in motion you are dividing movement between time and space.This means that for someone driving down the road time goes by slower than it does for someone sitting still.Then to further complicate and confuse and cloud the minds of science he states that time and space will adjust individually so that light always travels at the same speed. Come on,is light a by-product of energy release or is it the king in the universe as to be regulated by such forces?The mainstream science world accepts all of this as fact to my disbelief and will argue and insult you and close their minds and plug their ears like children to keep from hearing this blasphemy against Einstein. Then we come to his theory that gravity can be describe as an indentation in the fabric of space time where a larger body will create a deeper warp than a smaller body.For example;if I am lying in a water-bed with one of my children ,because I am heavier I warp the surface of the water mattress more than my child would causing the child to be drawn toward me. This would imply that there is still some force beneath these bodies exerting a downward pull to give them the ability to indent the fabric of space. As if space were a flat plane or at least the forces are behaving like the fabric of space is flat.Space is in every direction, it is certainly not flat and gravity can be better explained as if space is not a complete vacuum because it does contain matter. It has very little density but it is still dense enough to impose an outside force of friction against bodies spinning, which in turn pulls and stretches space similarly to say a basketball spinning in water. The ball if submerged and given a good spin will pull smaller objects toward it due in part to the drop in pressure where the water is being dragged by the rotating ball.

Then to assume that the laws governing everything can be explained in a mathematical expression is taking quiet a leap of faith.Considering the universe was here long before "humans"invented our system of counting how can one expect the vast and mostly undiscovered or hidden universe can be contained in one equation?I understand that we have made significant progress relying on our basic system but actually we have uncovered only a tiny amount of information.It may be possible to find and or explain a portion of the laws of relative existence but in all honesty our minds are not capable of comprehending the vast expance of the universe nor the power of the forces involved with stars colliding or exploding just to name a few.Yes we can learn by observation but observation is not theoretical now is it?

Another wildly fantastic but un-supported theory is the "Multiverse". This theory was a joint effort on the part of "THEORETICAL"physicists to find a universal master equation to explain everything. To the dismay of physicists the laws of Quantum Mechanics and The Theory of Relativity do not work together. In other words the man made laws that theoretically govern the world of microscopic things does not work in the world in which we exist. There are several popular theories that have been formulated but after studying these theories with an open mind I can find absolutely no solid evidence that warrants even spending any further time or resources on such theories.It is as if you can rush to come up with a complicated unique idea that can be molded to incorporate all the theories already floating around being touted as fact then you are brilliant and bingo let's cram it in a text book and start spoon feeding it to our children. I thought this was science. I am by no sense closed minded to anything ,actually I feel that the universe in which we are part of is beyond the grasp of human intelligence ,at least at this point . The arrogance of the scientific community is embarrassing to me and hugely disappointing and the very theories being taught contradict themselves repeatedly. For example;in Einstein's space time theory it states that time and space will adjust themselves to regulate the speed of light to one unchanging speed.So I am confused when astronomers and physicists say that a black-hole's gravity is so great that light is trapped and cannot escape. So where is time and space during this process?This would imply that instead of the universe containing stars and black-holes that black-holes produce space. This one flawed theory would move the order of reality to hold black-holes as the ruling force in the entire universe and at the same time contradict the space time theory by implying that light does not travel at the same rate at all times and time and space are meaningless to the gravitational forces of a black hole and at the same time the existence of a black-hole totally dismisses Einstein's take on gravity.How can a black-hole trap light if gravity is nothing but an indentation placed on the frabric of space?

Then we have the agenda driven but highly respected minds of the scientific world who are motivated more by the quest to disprove the existence of God than they are by the wonder of discovery. In an effort to disprove the existence of a creator or higher entity they have formulated some ridiculously extravagant theories and will trounce the intellect of any who questions their veiws. As I said before I look at these things with a totally open mind and then form my opinion based on evidence and common sense contemplation.After consideration of the "Multiverse"and Hawking's "Bubble Nucleation"which states that the universe we know exists as but a bubble in a froth of trillions or infinite number of other "bubble universes" that are constantly popping in and out of existence. Since there are infinite numbers of bubble universes the laws of probability imply that surely in one bubble life spontaneously started therefore disproving the need for a higher order or any type of creation. Give me a break, it is much easier to believe in a creator than this far fetched theory that can never be proven by humans or even detected as fact or fiction. I thought science was the search for truth and enlightenment not agenda based rhetoric. Let's see some sort of solid evidence before we assault peoples beliefs that have been prevalent for thousands of years. Laughing and insulting the things that people have been taught from birth would not be the way in which a true scientist should conduct themselves anyway. They should try to produce solid facts that can be proven and from there let people make up their own minds,not show the blatant arrogance that humans as a species are not intelligent enough to make good decisions. As if everyone else is below their intellectual level. Actually a true scientist will have an open mind to all possibilities until solid proof says otherwise,a man with a closed mind to any and all possibilities is limited on the possibility of wisdom and intellectual growth. I haven't seen any evidence that supports the claims that there is no higher entity or creator as of yet so why are we trying so hard as to concoct theories that just do not have any foundation?Moreover why are we teaching all of this guess work as fact to our young people? Have we become this limited and arrogant?Even though the men that for years I considered heros have lost direction I will continue to look at every angle with curiosity and an objective mind-set,waiting on testable evidence before I conclude final judgement. Sadly it appears to me that some of the most brilliant minds in our time are in a race so competitive that objective reason is being blurred by guess work.Just as the different fields of science are being blurred. As far as the other major fields of science are concerned I do not have the knowledge to question and it seems that the study of the universe is where things get skewed primarily.

So,when mankind unlocks the secrets of the cosmos I may stand corrected but it's unlikely to occur in my "life time"or if I'm lucky I might be around still in one of the Multiverses or Bubbles.Who knows?I might possibly be dead along with God and none of this ever happened, you were just having a dream and my reality exists only in your mind,and when you awake the bubble universe in which your reality exists suddenly pops out of existence. Such is the irony of all things.


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    • mrshadyside1 profile image

      mrshadyside1 5 years ago from Georgia

      I apologize it was the Lorentz-Einstein theory that dealt with contraction and time dilation to maintain a universal physical constant.

    • Davesworld profile image

      Davesworld 5 years ago from Cottage Grove, MN 55016

      You consistently misrepresent Einstein's theory of Special Relativity. Einstein did NOT say that "time and space will adjust individually so that light always travels at the same speed." Einstein noted that light travels at the same speed no matter what.

      Now suppose that there are two observers, one stationary and one moving at some speed away from the observer, Both observers must measure the speed of light the same. For the stationary observer that is easy. For the moving one, the distance travelled by light in, say one second, is less than what is noted by the stationary observer because of the observer's motion. Yet both must come up with the same value for the speed of light.

      Only one way that can happen, and that is if time flows slower for the moving observer than it does for the stationary observer.

      Remember also, your GPS system will not work correctly if you remove calculations based on Einsteinian Special Relativity from the device. You must take relativistic effects into account when talking to satellites 100,000 miles up and moving very fast in order for GPS to function accurately,