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Theory of Communism

Updated on November 27, 2017

For this blog, I will be talking about a theory called communism, the theorist for the theory is Karl Marx. Karl Marx came up with this theory so he can be able to show that capitalism was very bad to society. The reason he thought capitalism was bad for society was that it was preventing people to being equal to others that have a better and higher paying job. Also, because since the working class was working under a manager they were not able to grow as a person and the manager was able to grow because of their worker’s hard work. According to Ritzer, George and Jeffrey Stepnisky, (2013), states that communism is when the social system is not holding their people back from doing more and reaching their potential (30). So, for Karl Marx to bring up communism to help people in different levels of class they can reach their potential and the social system is not holding their people back from doing more for themselves.

According to Tay, A. (1971) brings Pashukanis’ General Theory of Law and Marxism, which Pashukanis has argued that not all rules are legal rules and that not all social relationships are legal either. From what I could understand from this article is trying to say is that Karl Marx theory of communism was trying to be put into a law but that would be difficult to do since you cannot make someone do something just because what a norm should be cannot be put into a legal norm. For the next article, it brings up how the communist theory of Karl Marx did not any success. According to Oizerman, T. (2009) there was no actual issue with the capitalist system and Karl Marx idea of communism did not prove anything wrong with capitalism and it did not show how good communism could be in action. Since Karl Marx communist theory was not a success it was not being accepted by the social system. Since the communist theory was not being accepted because it was not a success any theories that are related or like his point of view was also not accepted by the social system.

According to Ritzer, George and Jeffrey Stepnisky, (2013) since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the transformation of the Chinese communism disproved Marx’s theory and made people more towards capitalism (28). With the statement, this show helps prove that Karl Marx’s theory was not a success and that he was not able to prove anything wrong with capitalism. I believe that even today people are still trying to bring up communism back and be used in the social system because these people still believe that it can still work and help others not to be held back from reaching their potential and being able to be equal.

For the first link, it is called Communist Party USA, they have many articles on issues that are happening and they want to make it aware for people not to hurt the working class. The website is helping specifically the working class so their voices are being heard and make sure that the wealthy class is not taking the working class as an advantage. They do show that they are an organization who is not asking for sponsorship from big business and billionaires, with that I feel like they are making sure when they make a step on their own they can say they did in on their own and did not ask the big business for help.

For the second website, it talks about more about Karl Marx’s theory of communism and what was his view towards this theory. This website link also explains how Karl Marx’s theory of communism was taking action in the social system. There is a video link that helps understand the theory of communism and giving a brief information of Karl Marx.

The video is showing of drawings as the moderator is explaining the theory. While I was reading the textbook, I did understand what communism was but the video did help a little more what caused Karl Marx to come up with the theory and by using the pictures it helps others understand even more because it helps if you are a visual learner.

Overall, I do think that he had a good idea of this theory but as things show how well things worked out, I also agree that the theory was not a great success either and I do not know if it would work out now.


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