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Abundance Exists When You See Hope

Updated on May 2, 2013

Living the life you want, with the people you love

something to think about
something to think about | Source

Living the life you want, with the people you love

There are No Mistakes

How’s this for a novel idea? We are perfect. We don’t make mistakes. We have experiences!

Wow! You have probably heard this or you have been told this by some well meaning soul, but read on. I hope you’ll finish this Hub and walk away from it with a new perspective on Abundance.

As an Abundant Old Soul, I’ve seen a lot. Maybe more than most. Abuse, Divorce, Hatred, shall I go on??? How about Shame???? How about guilt??? After all this time, I realized that these episodes have helped to make me the Abundant Old Soul that I am today. Hmm…

When I apply if/then logic to my life, these experiences make complete sense. Now I grant you that some of the things I’ve seen are not so sensible, but they all are Sense Able. Try these on for size and see what you think- how you relate.

Had I not left home at 12, I would not have gotten to college, thus earning graduate degrees from University as well as a PhD from the Graduate School of Hard Knocks. Of all the degrees and licenses I hold, this special PhD is the most valuable.

Leaving home would not have allowed me to experience a very interesting first relationship. Needless to say, thanks to the woman of my _________ (fill in the blanks); I ultimately discovered my soul mate and savior. Now I grant you that it took 15-16 years, as I am a slow learner, but the wait was worth it. Can you relate? Good things come to those who……. Believe in abundance!

Along the way, I discovered that I am not a lunch ticket counter, or a BS artist! I’m not a politician or a kisser of gluteus maximums. Imagine that. Ask me a question and I’ll give you an answer. I am a teacher. A gift giver. A hope enabler. Sure, it took two years of coming home from work and curling up in a fetal position to learn my true calling… see how I learned a little quicker this time? 14 years quicker!

Finally, after writing and publishing, the teacher thing hit me again. A dentist I met told me “Now is the time to follow your bliss”. That’s what I am telling all of you who read this Hub.

Watch your kids real closely when they walk away from you. Notice their shoes. See their hair blow breezily. Keep that picture close to your heart and deep in your mind’s eye.

Smell the classroom you’re in. That classroom may be your house. It may be an office. Trust me; that particular classroom is a place of exquisite learning. Where ever it is, there will be an energy. Experience it. Enjoy it. Feel it.

When you have a decision to make, ask yourself, “Will this bring me closer to the ones I love and need?” Then, whatever you decide will be perfect. Whatever you decide will help you follow your bliss.

Things will go differently than the way you planned them. Oh well. Take a look at your hand, as you spread your fingers out away from your palm. The fingers go in different directions. Each finger runs away from the center. That is your life. That is my life. The rays from your fingers never end. That is your life. That is my life. Without your “mistakes”, you’d be less than you are right now. You’d be much less perfect. Much less beautiful.

Thank you for mistakes. Thank you for experiences. Thank you for the miracles that happen after the experiences connect to beautiful abundant opportunities.

I have found my voice. Let me know what you think, what you experience. There will be more abundances from the Abundant Old Soul. Peace is with you.


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    • profile image

      Melissa Rospenda 6 years ago

      Great job! I love it!