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There Was A Cure Not That Long Ago.

Updated on January 4, 2017

What happens to all the answers to our problems worldwide?

Crippled innocence.
Crippled innocence. | Source
The eagle has lost its wings!
The eagle has lost its wings! | Source
Will work for food!
Will work for food! | Source
Those left unreturned.
Those left unreturned. | Source
Lady Liberty.
Lady Liberty. | Source

There Was A Cure...Not Long Ago.

There was a cure for cancers

not so long ago

and it was a surefire solution,

to all sub cellular malignancies

but it's host died in 1969

in the steamy jungles of Vietnam.

With the last gasp of

a future medical student

who was sacrificed

to the war machines.

Sure...the economy was

boosted for a while

but hundreds of thousands

fell victim to the

insidious tumours

he could have

and would have cured.

There was also a solution

to feeding the hungry

on a world wide scale.

A miracle that would have become

a seed in a brain so smart

that it's output would have

genetically altered

all farm crops worldwide

causing them to produce

year round

in any climatic conditions,

in GIGANTIC proportions,

endless sustenance

and enough for us all.


she was aborted

in the second trimester

as a matter of convenience,

to avoid any embarrassment

by a young lady who wished

to finish school.

By the way

that former mother-to-be

now waitresses at a snack bar

in a bowling alley

with two more unwanted kids

placed in foster homes

as a matter of convenience

to avoid future embarrassment

for her next lover's visit

and she never finished school!

There were and are

many brilliant minds,

many solutions to our problems,

many future hopefuls,

crushed on a daily basis.





under financed



suicidal and ignored.

Tomorrows come and go

without their valued input

leaving whole sections

of societies deleted

like the trash found

on our e-mails

and we all suffer

the consequences.

There is a God in all of this

who weeps for what

could have been

but he chose to

give men freewill

rather then to control

men like robots

obeying his

and only his commands.

He sees the problems

that beset the earth

and he sends us the solutions

wrapped in the flesh of newborns.

But in man's excessive

need for greed

in his continuous

hunt for power

in his unquenchable

hunger for lust

in his self-centered,

self-serving manner

these gifts sent

are not cultivated

or wind up


one after another.

While the problems go on

without solutions

yet still God sends

down more answers

hoping this will change

willingly and freely

by the charitable

choices of men.

And this God

does not belong

to any "one group"

or any "one faith"

for that would surely

violate man's freewill

by denying them choices.

Even an atheist has gods

power, money, worldly gain

a quick and final death

with nothing ever after,

they are the atheist's

strongest desires

and the atheist worships them.

With just as much faith

as a ninety-year old nun

occupying her habits.

His choice...her choice

freewill, not robotics

the heart of each person

knows the true path

and chooses his own direction

and so it is.

But please do not attempt

to kill this messenger

this was an inspiration

It is not so much a belief

but more a theory,

it is not a soul

driven cause of mine

to establish some new

church or foundation

of followers.

It just called to me

like all thoughts do

to put it down

to save it for posterity

for in every work

there lies some truth

and one must make it known.

For what is a poet

without a voice??

What is a writer

without readers??

so enjoy these

thoughts penned

if you will

or deny them vehemently

it is your choice.

It is simply your freewill.

But the next time

you pass a graveyard

look upon it fondly

for therein might lay

the answers to

all the questions

we've yet to uncover

and the solutions to

all the problems

we've failed to overcome.

And the next time

you pass a nursery

or a pregnant woman

look fondly on them too

and fight for their futures.

If need be.

Take a stand

for education

take a stand

against poverty

against war

against crime

just take a stand

against all of the evil

perpetuated by men on men.

Then maybe

just maybe

some day soon

one of these gifts

God sends us

will get through,

maybe more,

maybe tomorrow

can be brighter,

or maybe not

It is our choice



choose your directions


and Godspeed

to us all

Matthew F. Blowers III

Artwhimsically Yours Studio-(c)-2017

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