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Things Happen For A Reason!

Updated on October 31, 2009

 From my book I am revising "Halfway To Heaven"

I believe that things happen for a reason even though the reason is often not apparent or known to us or at least consciously.  I have this little saying taped on my shelf across from my computer that says "Every adversity has an equal or greater benefit."  Many years ago I would not have accepted or believed this.  Now I know this to be true and I often quote it to friends and clients as well as read it myself.  Adversity comes as part of the package of being human.  The degree to which we experience it depends upon several factors:  our personal karma we have accumulated in past lives that has to be cleared and worked through in this life time.  Our accumulated karma determines our childhood environment, our geographical location, our upbringing, our family, and those significant others who we come into contact with. 

Although the personal karma that we accumulate must be encountered and paid to every soul we have done wrong to, I also believe that when and how we meet up and face the karma can depend upon many factors.  Sometimes our guides are allowed to extend us some grace and we may not have to face such harsh conditions and circumstances such as we encountered in the past with particular souls.  Sometimes a soul, and they tend to be the very old ones, will choose to work off a substantial amount of karma in one lifetime.  They may choose circumstances that your run of the mill ordinary person simply could not endure.  They may choose to undergo the most trying, difficult and painful childhood.  They may do this not only for their own atonement and soul evolution, but also to serve as an example to others and to humanity at large.  Many such people learn from their suffering and then they become compassionate healers and teachers. 

I believe that I am one such person.  The horrible things I witnessed and experienced as a child would break the will and spirit of many people.  They would lead many down the path of self-destruction, to the bottle, to drugs, to the mental hospital or even to prison.  For to witness so much abuse can strip one of their very humanity and even turn them into a neurotic, a sociopath or a psychopath.  I could have easily gone down that road.  For years I was tortured by frightening nightmares of harrowing proportions.  Dark shadowed monster creatures were always pursuing me and wanting to do horrible things to me.  However, there was always a star or even a cluster of stars in the sky that I would follow.  It actually seemed that they were moving ahead away from the hideous demons.  The good news is that the monsters never caught up with me.  The sad news is that the chases were long, frightening and exhausting and often I'd wake up shaking and trembling.  Now I believe that my subconscious and my guides placed the stars for me to run towards as a means to spread the 'light' of hope and to show me that I would outrun my inner demons.  I would conquer and come out victorious.  I think that on a higher level I took on 'so much' because I wanted to prove to myself and then be an example to others that there is no obstacle or burden that enough faith and hard work cannot heal.  I think of the old gospel song that says "If I never had a problem I'd never know that God could solve them."

I wasn't so confident then.  I'd pray for the nightmares to go away but they never did for a long time.  They did decrease once I began receiving more other worldly visitors and yes, thank goodness, they finally disappeared altogether thanks to therapy, my visitors, my guides, the angels, and my own strong will and fierce determination.  When I look at or come into contact with troubled downtrodden souls I say 'there but by the grace of God, go I."  And I truly mean it. 

Could I have become a serial killer or a Charles Manson?  I don't think so because even when the ghost whispers and ghost voices would torture me, I would always fight them.  I never lost my conscience.  But I do recall a few experiences that reveal had I not gotten help I could have wound up going down a very dark path.   One particular experience  stands out.  One day when I was about eleven years old I was  at a friend's house.  He was telling me about how somebody got beat up at school or so and so was in a car wreck.  I can remember I'd get that little look in my eyes, and I'd want to snicker.  It took all of my self restraint not to burst into laughter.  I was so tortured and depressed then that part of me figured let someone else have a hard way to go.  Let the suffering of this rotten wretched depraved world I live in be spread around.  Back then I was definitely in the 'poor me victim' mode.  And now I can certainly see why.  On the surface it most assuredly looked like Life had dealt me a bad deck of cards.  Then I wasn't versed and knowledgeable on metaphysics.  I didn't know about karma and my past lives, the law of attraction, and how we reap what we sow.  Things are different now and I have nothing but compassion for people who get caught up in the 'poor me victim' role for I was there for many years. 

Eventually the soul gets weary of us staying in the 'poor me victim' mode because it is not conducive to our growth and it retards our progress.  I played the poor me game for a few years then I began asking deeper questions.  And like Jesus said 'Ask and you shall receive.'  Knock and the door is opened unto you."  I was to receive and the door to knowing and knowledge would open to me.  Had I not reached out and gotten help, yes, I do believe I could have become a criminal and committed acts of violence and wound up in prison.  They say that under enough pressure even your normal everyday person can break.  So yes, my horrible circumstances could have broken me.  I have a poster which says that children learn what they live:  A few lines really stand out to me:  If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.  If they live with hostility, they learn to fight.  If children live with friendliness, they learn the world is a nice place to live."

There was certainly no friendliness at home and lots condemning, hostility and fighting constantly going on.  Needless to say this all took quite a toll on me.   I now see that it is a miracle that I survived.  Now I know that it was all part of 'a bigger picture' that I had agreed to face and experience so I could pay the karmic piper, heal and move on.  Then I would be a servant of humanity, a compassionate healer, who could personally identify and relate to many of the woes that beset our fellow human beings.  I would not be some certified psychologist or shrink with several degrees framed on the wall who spouts of this and that psychological theory but has no idea of what some of these people have been through.  And many have little idea or the means and knowledge on how to help these tortured souls.   am not saying that in order to be an effective counselor one must have endured a horrible upbringing.  There are many counselors who possess natural compassion, empathy, and sympathy for others.  But there are far too many who are stuck in their 'heads' as my psychotherapist friend used to say.  I was very fortunate to meet and work with some of the finest therapists and counselors.  As a result of that and my spirituality I know that anyone can heal.  But it does not happen overnight and you can't swallow a magical pill to make it happen or pay a certain amount of money for a quick fix from a doctor or your psychiatrist.  You have to put in the labor.

It can be wrenching and at times you may think you cannot survive another day or deal with life or with people, or your creditors, or even your spouse or your dog.  It is okay to have such feelings.  I've had them and even still do at times.  For those who stick with it, the benefits and rewards do start coming in and we do begin to learn that every adversity has an equal or greater benefit.  One of my great adversaries was a deep loneliness and alienation that I felt inside.  It gnawed at me and kept me chronically depressed constantly and I was constantly haunted by thoughts and fantasies of suicide.

But I begged God and the powers that be for help, and I also expected it.  Something deep in my soul knew that we are not destined to spend our lives being lonely and miserable.  So for embarking upon the healing path (which was limited to traditional therapy and counseling for a few years) I was rewarded far more than I could have imagined possible.  The deep sorrow took me on a soul journey into myself that opened up entire new worlds to me.  I began to see and converse with spirits.  I received visits from beings all over the place; some even from other solar dimensions, galaxies and universes.

 I had visits from 'the little people', fairies, gnomes and other caretakers of the earth.  A few hypnosis sessions showed me how receptive and easy I am to put under.  After a brief induction I would enter a deep trance and go back to past lives and even some future lives.  In some of those sessions I learned that I was not even a human being in all of my lifetimes.  Then later after my psychic development and training, I began receiving channeled teachings and messages from a variety of ascended masters, angels, and renowned earth personalities.  It seemed I would merely have to say something like what would it be like to speak with the blessed Mother Mary?  What might she say?  Or what would it be like to talk to Marilyn Monroe, Kuan Yin, St. Francis, Mae West, Archangel Michael, Jesus the Christ, Nostradamus, St. Germain, Mother Teresa, Mary Magdalene and others.  I even asked what would it be like to have morning coffee with and to speak with God and sure enough, while in 'a type of dream or trance state', God or some aspect of Higher Consciousness, took on a certain form and came to me.  My book Morning Coffee With God published by Ozark Mountain Publishing is the result of those endearing, profound visits.

Contact with these evolved beings led to a number of public channelings where they came through and offered teachings and advice to people.  Some of them communicated with me via automatic writings at my computer.  Some would just talk to me in my head.  Could I have imagined all of my wonderful visitors from Heaven and beyond?  Some would say so.  However, many of the people who attended the channelings and read the transcripts, have told me how deeply moved they were and how much they learned from the channelings.  So that alone is enough to convince me I was tapping something deeper than our ordinary world.  I give thanks daily for all my many visitors, way too numerous to name, for they have brought much love, comfort and wonderful teachings. 

My meditation and psychic development opened me to other realms as well; the realms of poetry, and music.  Poems of all types will literally 'pop' in my head:  rhyming verse, non-rhyming, prose, you name it.  My friends told me they thought the poems were beautiful and encouraged me to create some books of poetry.  I am proud to say that my first book of nearly two hundred love poems Dawn's Kiss came out in May 2009.  I have written enough new ones for a second book.  The same thing happened with music.  Songs would pop in my head out of nowhere and would not be content until I wrote them down and sang the tunes in a tape player as I do not read music very well.  If I hear any instrument being played, a song can easily follow if I wish. 

I have read in my metaphysical studies that the subconscious mind has access to far more knowledge than the conscious mind, and perhaps it has access to 'all' knowledge.  I have read many wonderful books where people spoke in long details giving tremendous information on topics they knew little if anything about.  The Convoluted Universe I, II, and III books by metaphysical author Dolores Canon are full of fascinating tales and experiences of people who are speaking under hypnosis after having been put into a somnambulistic trance by Dolores.  While under most of the subjects have no idea what they are saying.  But once the tapes are played they are made privy to an entirely different world.  Talks have been given on such convoluted subjects as: the God Source, Parallel universes existing side by side, life on other planets, hidden underground cities, other lives as animals, plants and in strange otherworldly bodies and much more. 

As a matter of fact it was after reading her books that I was so inspired to rewrite Halfway To Heaven.  There were times when I doubted my sanity when I would have very strange and unusual visitors and experiences or think that I was making everything up.  Now I was reading and learning that I was not crazy or alone.  As a matter of fact hundreds if not thousands or more people had unusual paranormal or other worldly experiences, and while under, their subconscious mind had many fascinating tales to offer which became the basis for her many books which cover a lot of territory.

I no longer believe that my unusual experiences were crazy and now I am glad to share them and am so grateful for them.  The once lonely boy now has a direct hotline to the muses, art, poetry, heaven and other worlds and it is something I cherish and feel honored to be able to do.  I had to put in a lot of work to get there but it pays.  This is what I always tell my clients in the psychic readings and the spiritual counseling that I do.  It is why I write my articles and books and work very hard to get them out there to the general public.  I am compelled to help others because I know what it is like to be desperate.  I know there is hope and there is a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.  My plea to other ailing lonely, depressed, tormented souls is to reach out for help.  For the call truly compels the response.  It can be no other way.

In this book I share many of the stories of my 'visitors' and what they taught me.  As a matter of fact they are the focus of most of the book.  I will also share some memories from childhood as well to help others see that that they are not alone.  I want them to know there are kindred souls who have been there and they have a deep love and desire to be of service to their fellow humans.

The terrible things I experienced, saw and heard as a child at home were devastating to my sensitive gentle temperament.  One way for me to cope was to lose myself in books which I read all the time.   Another way for me to cope was a deep spirituality which led into the domain of the metaphysical and paranormal.  There really wasn't a time when I was not aware and attuned to the 'other world' as I refer to the realm of the psychic and the paranormal.  A psychologist or psychiatrist might say that due to a troubled childhood, and to escape the terrible goings on at home, that I retreated into my inner world and fabricated all of the beings and spirits that I made contact with.

I admit that having 'my outer world' be a hostile and dysfunctional place to be it, could contribute to me seeking inner solace.  But I do not believe it was into an imaginary realm that I began to explore.   I believe that I came into this lifetime with an ability to step through portals to other realms.  It is just how I'm built.  I've done it most of my life.  Not having an easy home life just made it easier and motivated me more to tap into those spiritual realms.   At a young age after a few psychic experiences I began making contact with some other worldly visitors as I came to refer to various beings from these other realms.  These loving wondrous beings often visited me and offered comfort, told me stories and taught me a lot.  Some of them took me on journeys to distant realms.  We had many adventures and they gave me metaphysical and spiritual teachings which I would write about in my copious journals which my guides later informed me were to be included in this book.

During those lonely years of my childhood and many of my adult years, my other worldly friends proved to me that we are never alone.  No matter how dark the night of the soul may be or how lost, abandoned or desperate we may feel, the truth is that there are angels and many other celestial and other worldly beings who ever watch over us and our call compels their loving response.  Without my faith in God, angels, my guides, and the precious other worldly visitors I could not have survived all the terrible things going on around me.  They have kept and sustained me for many years and have promised to continue to do so for the duration of this lifetime.  It is 'they' who are prompting and urging me to search through my memories and to tell their stories and share the teachings they imparted to me.  They are telling me that these stories and teachings are relevant to the current 'ascension process' to the next higher dimension that the earth is undergoing at our current period of time.   

Why do I speak these words confidently?  Because I know that things are never as they appear.  There is meaning and purpose to our lives even when we are not aware of it.  Obstacles often occur in order to wake us and shake us up so that we may enter the vast and grand domains of the soul, spirit and our subconscious and even the Universal Collective Unconscious Mind that Jung speaks of which connects us to everyone and everything.  Within our soul and being exists the knowledge, wisdom, strength and resources to liberate us.

The being who got the balling to rolling so to speak was the angel who visited me at the age of thirteen in my back yard.  That visit changed my life forever.  I am compelled to share my story because I survived with celestial help and guidance and I know that anyone else can as well. 

I weep tears of joy every time I think about the precious angel who visited me in the back yard so many years ago, and I weep tears of sorrow for every soul who feels abandoned and alone.  I daily pray that each of the sorrowful ones will search deep within for even a faint glimmer of hope.  For as the song goes "It only takes a spark to get a fire a going."  Reaching out for help will begin the healing process.  For the call truly compels the response  Beloved Jesus the Christ (Lord Sananda) stated that ‘in my father’s house are many mansions.’  The other worldly beings inhabit some of the mansions and these mansions dwell upon many realms and worlds.  As the old saying goes "the sky is the limit."

The beloved angel’s words are forever etched in the depths of my soul and were a much needed healing balm for many years.   This book is mine and my 'helpers/teachers' message and gift to you. 




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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Доставка и вручение подарков, выбранных Вами, праздничное оформление помещений теккенов нашими сотрудниками добавят в жизнь Вашей организации изюминку внимания и теплого отношения к Вашим сослуживцам, что обязательно скажется на их отношении не только к своей работе, но и самому предприятию в целом!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Этот основанный в Чикаго квинтет, как полагают, являются ответственным за развитие стиля помп-рок (напыщенные, помпезные аранжировки с совершенно подобранной гармонией и очень полным производством). Группа "Styx", изначально называвшаяся "Tradewinds", а потом "T.W.4", получила свое название от реки мертвых из греческой мифологии. Такое имя команда взяла себе после подписания контракта с "Wooden Nickel" - филиалом "RCA records" в 1972 году. В состав "Стикс" вошли Деннис Де Янг (вокал, клавишные), Джеймс Янг (гитара, вокал), Чак Паноццо (бас), Джон Паноццо (р. 20 сентября 1947, США, у. 16 июля 1996, Чикаго, США; ударные) и Джон Курулевски (гитара). Комбинируя юморы симфонии и прогрессив-рока, они выпустили ряд разных высоко мелодичных альбомов в течение ранних 70-х.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Во время этих исследований особенное внимание было обращено на начальные эксцентрицитеты и погнутая стержней и изменение этих факторов в процессе загружения, а также на определение рассказов стержней в функции возрастающей девки. По этой функции был определен эквивалентный начальный эксцентрицитет как точка пересечения указанной функции с осью абсцисс и определена критическая сила по соотношению.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I used to receive at the top of existence nevertheless recently I have established a weight.

    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      9 years ago

      Yeah I love Robert Monroe. Yeah, the writer in me keeps getting stronger and stronger and now I'm really getting into the marketing aspect as well. Have called five local Cincinnati bookstores to see about carrying my book of love poems, DAWN'S KISS. They are all willing to look at the book and consider carrying it . I am calling the BN and B Dalton bookstores this week. My publisher sends them a complimentary review copy. Good pr. Keep writing, and I always look forward to your next HUB.

      I am doing a blog radio show at 6 p.m. EST for an hour tonight with Mary Soliel another HUB writer and fantastic lady. You might check her out on HUB PAGES. She wrote a book too.



    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 

      9 years ago from Arizona

      Some of us have had lives in other solar systems Mike. Robert Monroe remembers a planet he lived within and he calls it KT-95. all the participants (curls) did was play games. Earth was a place to visit as a tourist. Bob Monroe states it as a predator planet with an addictive quality to it to return.

      I think you'd enjoy reading his books, because Im enjoying them myself right now. we both like to write, it's hard to read other writers when there's so much to write about..huh? and you are with some wondrous experiences to write about, it is your gift to the world.

      your books are forever in the Library. both here and "there." thanks for reading me too.

      blessed one..that's you!


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