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Things They Should Teach In School

Updated on July 30, 2012

More of a rant than a teaching moment.

Having just finished high school, I believe there are multiple things we were taught that are never going to matter, and many things we should have learned that we were never taught, this might be more of a rant than an informational piece, but bear with me, I think i have a dent point to make.

Things I Wish Someone Would Have Taught Me In Highschool:

Thing 1: Practical Home-owner things. IE, what to do when the furnace breaks, how to write a check, what to do when you go on vacation and don't have someone to get your mail. LIttle things that have nothing to do with common sense. You have no idea what to do about this until you google it, or you call your mom freaking out.. But yet we know how to find the area of the room we're sitting in, or to calculate the temperature of our house in Celsius when our air conditioner breaks and we don't know what to do to fix it.

Thing 2: How to manage relationships. Sure, everyone takes a psychology class. Thats nice and all, but no one ever teaches you how you should deal with a break up, someone dying, jealousy, all those things that have the ability to completely transform your life as you know it. It's like when your little someone decided that you'll learn things to make you book smart, but that you have to figure out all the common sense things on your own.

Thing 3: Tact. This is something a majority of the kids i graduated with this year lack. I don't say that because i hated high school, which i did, but i say it because its true. maybe this is sort of the same as thing 2, but i think its that important. I wish someone would have taught me how to know when its the right time to say things, call and check on the status of a job interview, or even what to say to someone whose just lost a loved one. I'm at a loss on this one.

Thing 4: How to get a job when you have absolutely no experience. Its next to impossible, living in the state with the worst job market in the united states to get a job with no experience. As a graduate from high school, looking to pay for college, you're competing with 40 year olds who got layed off and have a BA.. just to work at family fare or the gas station. How are we supposed to pay for college, if we can't get a job.

Thing 5: Saving money. Im not just talking about a class your senior year in highchool, about how if you save, your life will someday be awesome. Im saying.. drill this into the mind of fifth graders. its being taught to kids the wrong age. the younger you teach them something the faster they'll learn it and start to do it. if you save 2$ a day starting at the time your 12, and you graduate at 18, you have $4380. thats seriously 8 quarters a day. You can buy your first car, pay tuition for a year at community college, or invest that in the stock market and in 10 years in a mutual fund have 3 times that much. why did no one tell me this when i was 12? its not at ll a difficult concept to grasp. Take two seconds, and check out the video below on this.

The list goes on, but these are most definitely the top 5 things i wish people would have taught me when i was in school learning things I've already forgotten two months later. I know other people are going to have other things, and id really like to hear what you think, so drop a comment down below, and let me know what you think !

Over an out,



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