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Things To Do Before Graduating College

Updated on May 4, 2017

After graduating, there will ideally be no regrets about the things you could have still done. Here is a list of a few things you can do to maximize your college experience.

  1. Explore outside of campus:

If you have yet to explore your college town or neighboring towns, now is the chance to do so. If you have a car or bike, go out and explore a little further than you previously have. There might be some interesting features to your town that you never knew existed. Who knows, maybe you will discover your favorite diner, event, or running trail.

2. Check out your most notorious campus landmarks:

Is there a relatively famous statue, building, or natural landmark on your campus? If you haven’t witnessed it, go check it out. You might find some cool history associated. At the very least you can get a good picture.

3. Go to one more random party:

Make a throwback attempt to freshman year – scouring the campus for any party you can get into. It will bring back memories of simpler times and seeing new faces could be refreshing. Even if it doesn’t last long, you and your friends are likely to have an interesting time.

4. Go to an event you’ve never thought of attending:

My campus is one of few college campuses to have its own student circus. Check out a circus, go to a live band, attend a guest speaker event, attend a protest, go to a philanthropy event. The possibilities are endless.

5. Go to the dining center one last time:

If your one of the few seniors like myself who still has a meal plan, this will be no big deal to you. If you are however part of the majority, here is another freshman throwback for you. Take a trip down memory lane and remind yourself why you loved and hated the heaping plates of food at the dining center.

6. Go to a bar crawl:

Drinks, friends, and probably a themed t-shirt. This is really a no brainer.

7. Do something risky:

This one is up to your own interpretation.

8. Have fun learning, learn to have fun:

During your four years in college, there will be an immeasurable amount of opportunities to have fun, and to learn. Do both. Do both well and often.

This is a vague to-do-list that comes to my mind when thinking of graduating. Now get out there and make one for yourself.



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