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Interesting Facts You Never Knew About T-rex (The Tyrannosaurus That Is Never Discussed)

Updated on April 25, 2013

Every Time!

It seems like every TV special that discusses the "new science" of T-Rex....always rehashes the same old ideas. It's always 65 million years old, it's always the largest carnivore of it's time - blah, blah, blah.

How about something really revolutionary for a change?

Here are some things you've probably never heard about T-Rex!

It's Not As Vicious As You've Heard

"The Tyrant Lizard King" - that's how it's been portrayed. In Jurassic Park it was claimed that it was able to run at 30 miles per hour. It was shown to be a powerful hunter that actively pursued and attacked its prey

Balancing Its 6-ton body 12 feet in the air on it's two legs probably meant that T-rex couldn't achieve any more than a "fast lumber." This has led to some paleontologists - most famously Jack Horner - suggesting that T-rex was a scavenger!

It certainly didn't have the speed or stamina to pursue it's prey. And, with its delicate balancing act (perching its head 12 feet off the ground) and tiny forearms, it probably didn't do a lot of grappling with prey.

It's Not As Old As You Think

T-Rex isn't 65 million years old!

Upon studying deeper into the bones of a T-rex, paleontologists have discovered unfossilized red blood cells! Tissue that delicate simply could not survive the time stretch we're being taught!

In fact, there's good evidence that dinosaurs as a group aren't as old as we thought. Recently, an expedition into Alaska has uncovered frozen, not fossilized dinosaur bones! They were not even buried in rock - it was as if they had died a few hundred years ago and were buried in the dirt!

The Now-Baseless View Of T-Rex

It Didn't Eat What We Were Always Told

The fact is, the only reason it was believed to be a predator was because of its teeth. But sharp teeth does not a predator make! Just look at the Giant Panda, the vervet monkeys, the fruit bat and the gorillas! All of these have extremely sharp teeth, used to eat plants!

In fact, fossil Tyrannosaur teeth have been found with chlorophyll stains on them! This fact, combined with the rex's relatively sluggish and docile design make a strong argument for an herbivorous dinosaur!

Created By God

The picture of a docile, rather sluggish, and delicately balanced plant-eating creature fits beautifully in the creation account of Genesis. In the beginning, creatures didn't kill each other for food! Rex's teeth were designed for slicing through vegetation or crushing gourds and the like.

After the fall, when death entered the world, animals would've started to kill each other. It's logical to assume, then, that tyrannosaurs would've taken advantage of this opportunity, and started to scavenge on already-dead animals.

This is a picture of T-rex that you will never hear on the Discovery or National Geographic channels!


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    • profile image

      Granted 4 years ago

      Dinosaurs a few hundred years old? Yeah ok buddy, that makes sense.

    • FriendofTruth profile image

      FriendofTruth 4 years ago from Michigan

      I first heard this explanation in a creation science series and it makes so much sense! My children and I were recently watching a dinosaur movie/cartoon and I told them this exact thing about t-rexs not being able to run as fast as it is commonly taught and how they were most likely not predators. We were saying how isn't it ironic how they always make the t-rex to be the bad guy eating and chasing every dino and all the dinos can talk except him? lol

      Thanks for the article - well done!

    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 4 years ago

      Really interesting, Matteos. When I was a kid I could not spell cat or dog, barely, but I could spell 7 and 8 syllable dinosaur names because I was so fascinated with them. And the movies? Oh man! I would drive my parents crazy until they would take me to see Gorgo or Godzilla.

      The evidence you mentioned that dinosaurs may have been around a lot more recently than we believe is something I would like to read more about.

    • profile image

      jpopgenesis 5 years ago

      nah! t-rex was neither herb or carn. in my opinion it was an omnivore. feeding on the leaves when it isn't feeling 100% like a dog. the females maybe hunted but the males scavanged. another opinion is dinos were neither reptiles or birds. there own group! my opinion. probabally wrong!

    • profile image

      jpopgenesis 5 years ago

      if t rex was a herbivore, my favourite tyrannosaur will be albertosaurus!!!!

    • donnaisabella profile image

      Donaisabella 5 years ago from Fort Myers

      I find this to be quite interesting. Thanks for sharing. Please come over and read some hubs, yours bless me so much!

    • Myfanwy profile image

      Myfanwy 5 years ago from Tennessee, USA

      Lots of great information. Thank you for sharing!!!