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Things teachers can do differently in classroom

Updated on January 31, 2014

Thinking out of box in classroom


Creative Teachers inspire young minds

The main aim of the teachers is to teach students and show them the right path. Most teachers behave in the same manner. But here are a few things which teachers do differently. With these things educators make sure that they attain success in their plan namely education.

  1. Clear objectives make educators successful

Suppose, you are driving through a new road. How will you know whether you are taking the right path? Of course, with the help of road maps and signs. Now days, It is SIRI or GPS which helps you find the right direction. Just as road signs help you to reach your destination, the world of education also has road signs or maps to reach the destination. If you are an educator, it is the objectives which you show your students that act as road signs to reach their destination. The plan you make for the lessons you teach the students act as a map for the destination. Some people think that creating a plan suggests lack of creativity. But, this is not true. On the other hand a plan provides a framework for the creation. With the help of a good plan, creativity can flourish and achieve its goal.

2. Educators have a sense of purpose which makes their plan a success

We, educators cannot always have epic working days. Some days are boring and mundane. But a good educator with a sense of purpose can add a pinch of creativity and convert a dull working day into something happening. Using the creativity they can make dull boring days into fruitful days.

3. Successful educators surely can live without an immediate feedback

For an educator, there are good days as well as bad days. Bad days are when you have to sweat over the lesson plan. There are days when students get bored with your lessons and just walk away without a smile. Teachers may give 100%, but may not be able to get immediate results. But one should be disappointed and crave for immediate results. Just as it takes time and a little dirt to nurture a young plant, learning, relationships and education takes time.

4. Successful educators master the art of listening and ignoring

Here is a golden tip which educators should try to follow in order to become a success. Teachers should know when to ignore his students and when to give attention to them. A teacher who always listens to his students as well as the one who never listens to his students also will fail. In fact , it is not so easy to decide w hen he should listen and adapt to his students.

5. Educators should have positive attitude in order to climb the ladders of success

Teachers should always try to show positive attitude towards students. Negative energy kills creativity. It even sows the seeds of failure in the minds of students. Good teachers will surely have an upbeat mood and energy. They will have a sense of vitality too. Positivity will encourage creativity.

6. A good educator expects students to succeed

Usually teachers resemble parents in many ways. Just like students want their parents to believe in them, they want their teachers to trust and believe them. As an educator, one should set the bar of expectations high and make the students understand that it is okay even if they fail. In this way, you can motivate your students to reach higher goals.

7. Create a sense of humor and become successful in educating

Students do not like boring educators. On the other hand, they are ready to listen to teachers who are humorous and witty. Humor helps to reduce stress and frustration. It also gives people a chance to look at the matter through another point of view.

8. Successful educators use praise smartly

Encouragement is important in education. But good educators will know when and where to use the praise. You should only praise the students for their genuine work. Teacher should not just praise a students , if he or she is only capble of 50% work. Educators should be able to use praise or encouragement where it has to be used genuinely.

Following the tips mentioned above, nay teacher can become an extraordinary inspiring teacher.

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How to inculcate creativity in teaching ?


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    • SolveMyMaze profile image

      SolveMyMaze 4 years ago

      Excellent hub! I agree that teachers can always add twists to their methods to make sure that they're keeping their pupils engaged in the content their teaching.

      Praise is something which is always a tough nut to crack for teachers, although I've seen first hand of teachers handing out praise falsely which is actually worse for the student.