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Think WAY Outside the Box

Updated on March 9, 2010

Think About It

Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot!

It's very easy when you first come online to not only face restraints by what you see written here, but to restrain yourself because you have outmoded perceptions that are simply not true. Realize that all it takes to become an expert online is a keyboard and an Internet connection, so don't trust everything you read. Think For YOURSELF.

For example, most recently I have been focusing on Revenue Sharing Advertising websites that pay me 200% rebates on all the advertising I purchase, so I buy a lot and carefully follow all the requirements to earn the rebates. This is all good, but they are also high risk and I have had several of them give up the ghost already and take my income down until I build it back up again.

Then I discovered that there is even easier money earned by getting referrals to sign up that pay you weekly commissions. I have had weeks where I had over $1,400 from this activity alone. So it should be easy to see why I would put a little brainpower to work exploiting this.

It suddenly occurred to me, that the most likely place to find referrals for one of these websites would be by advertising on another one that had the same business model. Before you jump to the normal conclusion, there are already hundreds of pages showing the canned referral pages they provide us that are being ignored.

Then I started thinking that since most of the people doing this stuff already know some of the risks involved from personal experience, they might be open to ideas on how to hedge their holdings to mitigate some of that risk. That's when I got out my trusty Open Office Writer (free software) and pounded out a PDF report explaining how to do it. Then a quick video to put on a splash page that I put into the newest revenue sharing site I had.

Finally I started viewing 100 pages a day to build up credits to have my splash page shown more than the normal rate. Most people on these only surf the minimum to get rebates, so it's not too hard to exceed the averages. In other words, instead of the normal approach of using these programs to earn money, I actually used one for advertising like it was designed for.

Update: The strategy I described here was responsible for over $1,000 in referral commissions to get my new plan started, now it pays me over $1,000 a month and if it ever fails, I know what to do.


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      Douglas Malsbury 8 years ago

      you rock!