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Thinking Outside The Box (Morphic Field)?

Updated on December 16, 2014

Thinking Outside The Box (Your Morphic Field)

Why is it so difficult to think outside The Box (your Morphic Field)?

Thinking outside the Box is the same as thinking outside of your Morphic field. I never really understood the expression "think outside the box" until just recently when I learned about the work of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, a former biochemist and cell biologist at Cambridge University. Sheldrake found that natural systems like termite colonies, schools of fish, flocks of birds, and many other specific forms of life exist within an electromagnetic field of consciousness.

This field of consciousness unifies everything within it at the unconscious or subconscious level, yet has a very significant influence over the actions of the group. For example, when each and every fish within a school of fish makes a 90-degree turn at precisely the same time, this is a classic example of this Morphic field in action. The same thing occurs with flocks of birds. This Morphic Field also has a memory and possesses a detailed history of all past thoughts, feelings, and actions of each specific form of life.

Apparently, according to Sheldrake, every form of life has its own Morphic Field. This also includes human beings. As Ralph Waldo Emerson taught that there is one mind common to all men, Dr. Carl Jung also referred to the same phenomena when he coined the term, the Collective Unconscious. More recently, quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin has determined that Einstein's Unified Field Theory is not only correct but that everything is not only unified but consists of pure consciousness as well.

For example, a Major League Baseball team has its own unique Morphic Field which subconsciously regulates the behavior of everyone associated with the team. This also applies to churches, political parties, high schools, colleges, insurance agencies, real estate companies, car dealerships, engineering firms, and every other specific grouping of folks you can name.

Research has determined that about 5% of our daily behavior is controlled by our conscious thinking while about 95% of our daily behavior is regulated by our subconscious mind. In other words, we are not consciously aware of how we are really creating 95% of our personal experience. This means that our subconscious programming, regardless of its quality, is determining our experience 95% of the time. Because most of us have received predominantly negative subconscious programming, behavioral researchers tell us this is the primary cause of the vast majority of mediocrity and misery we see in our world today.

The ruling elites, primarily the families that control the central banks and the global money supply, have understood the impact of subconscious programming for many years. The Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Windsor families began heavily funding the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations just after World War II. They hired Dr. Sigmund Freud and his nephew Edward Bernays, the father of Public Relations, to develop effective plans for manipulating the mass consciousness. Manipulating mankind's Morphic Field or our collective unconscious has been the key to effectively programming us.

The ruling elites knew it was much easier and far less expensive to enslave and control large numbers of people via clever mental manipulation as opposed to military force. They also understood that the most useful slaves are those who have been effectively programmed to believe they are free. After more than 60 years now of carefully controlling both the money supply and the flow of information from the educational system, Madison Avenue (advertising), Hollywood (movies and TV programming), organized religion and politics, the masses have been effectively programmed to believe an enormous amount of false information to be the truth.

Former CIA director William J. Casey perhaps summed it up best when he said at his first staff meeting as head of the CIA in 1981, "We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is false." The CIA totally controls the mainstream media so we rarely, if ever, learn the truth about anything, especially anything important.

An important part of the Tavistock inspired mass consciousness manipulation programming is to instill the two greatest fears within us at all times. Our greatest fear is the fear of poverty and our second greatest fear is the fear of criticism. They employ the fear of criticism to program us to purchase a lot of things that we really don't want or need, just to avoid being criticized. Then, through a very sophisticated and calculated use of credit, the ruling elites have created a culture based on debt whereby virtually everyone owes an enormous amount of money to the bank.

Not only does being in debt force us to work to pay our bills, often in a job we really don't enjoy, but because of our fear of losing our job, we are often forced to compromise our integrity by saying or doing things we know are not right. This fear of poverty from losing our job also makes us afraid to express our honest opinions about injustices we may find in either organized religion or politics. This fear of poverty from losing our job also promotes an attitude of mediocrity because we become too afraid to introduce any new ideas or even say or do anything that might rock the boat.

For example, to see for yourself just how your own Morphic Fields at work, at your church, or in your own family have been dramatically influenced by these powerful programming techniques, just ask the following questions. Start with the question, "Were you aware that cannabis oil cures cancer, all forms of cancer, and does so faster and more effectively than anything else ever discovered?"

Or, perhaps you could ask, "Were you aware that 911 was an inside job, a false flag operation that Israel, the U.S., and the UK planned and orchestrated, and that Osama Bin Laden had nothing to do with it?"

While there are many other such disturbing questions, just start with these two. The truth is cannabis oil does cure cancer faster and more effectively than anything else ever discovered. And, the fact that 911 was an inside job is also a well documented fact. You can Google either of these subjects and find literally millions of articles and videos from hundreds of sources to support the truth of these facts.

However, what you will find is that the majority of people in your Morphic Fields have been programmed to believe lies as the truth and they will, in some cases, become extremely agitated with you for even bringing it up. In a sense, you will be like an exorcist exposing the demons currently possessing the folks with whom you associate. It takes courage to think outside the box.

Cannabis Cures Cancer

911 was an inside job

911 was an inside job and false flag


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