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This Is A Violent Planet!

Updated on January 9, 2014

Mass Shootings

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When mass shootings and murders occur, especially when in close proximity to one another, People, are shocked and dumbfounded. "What's happening to our society" some say shaking their heads in disbelief". Well, if you're one of those people. I just have to say, if you haven't noticed. This is a violent planet.Violence is built into its very core. Life lives off of life. It's kill or be killed! Eat or be eaten! All the way down to the smallest microbe! It's "Survival of the fittest". Of the smartest. Of the most violent, of the most vicious. Predators attacking and killing their prey.

People and killing

People, have been killing one another, on this planet, probably as long as there have been people on the planet! We all are basically human animals. me some may say with furrowed brow and frowning face! Ah..but a last, isn't it true?

For example, every, noticed, how angry and infant's cry is when it's hungry? And, how increasingly angrier, its crying becomes, the longer that need isn't met? That's, the infant's survival instincts, kicking in trying to keep the infant alive. We were all once that little infant. As, we grow we, have to be trained, not act on our impulses, to scream and cry, or hit someone, when we were frustrated or angry. We had to be taught that, we couldn't take what belonged to others, just because we wanted what they had.

Curbing anger

Anger, is instinctual, but curbing or restraining our impulse to act on it, has to be learned. Look at how mean, little kids, can sometimes be to each other. Look at the same thing with high school kids. With college kids and hazing. Some, kids, have even been killed as a result of these violent hazings.

Are they mentally ill?

When we hear about a mass shooting, especially like the killing of the elementary school kids in Sandy Brook, Connecticut. We're shocked, dazed and confused and can't understand how someone could do something so heinous. We say that the person has to be mentally ill.

Maybe...but not necessarily.

Former, FBI Profiler, Mary Ellen O'Toole, said of the Sandy Brook killer that "He didn't just snap. This takes a lot of planning" "He wanted to accomplish maximum lethality," "He was not out of touch with reality. I think he put some security measures in place so he wouldn't be stopped." "It's time we stop putting out the mental health issue as an excuse that he didn't know what he was doing,"

So, you see, people don't have to be mentally ill, to do these types of things. We can do things when we're angry, that we can't believe we've done, when we're not angry, can't we? Have you ever done this? People have killed in outbursts of anger and later regretted what they've done. But then it too late.

Violent Behavior

Violent behavior is part and parcel of being human. All we have to do is Just look at the history of violence in this country. Look at the history of the old west. The Indian wars. The Civil war.
The Revolutionary war. This country was founded by violence.

Look at the history of ancient wars and conflicts between various countries. Look at the world wars.

I think this shows that humans are pretty violent by nature don't you agree?

We, have to be socialized, not to act out our violent impulses, the way an animal does, or the way kids, and others tend to do, in order for us to be "civilized" and socially human

Are They Crazy?

Are these mass murderers crazy? It depend on what you mean by crazy. If by crazy, you mean it's something you wouldn't do...then yes they're crazy. Bu,t if it's something you would would you judge it then would you say they're crazy? Probably not.

We're, horrified by the violence committed against those kids at Sandy Brook. But, haven't we killed more kids, in wars with countries we saw as our enemies, than were killed at Sandy Brook? We're we outrage about the killing of all of those kids? I don't think so.

Did we see ourselves as crazy? I don't think so

Killing and maiming enemies

During, the Vietnam War, we dropped napalm bombs on villages containing women and children, killing and maiming hundreds maybe thousands of them. Did we see ourselves as crazy or maniacal for doing that? I don't think so

The, things we find despicable or wrong, if done in everyday life, seems to be fine to do in war.
We, say it's wrong to kill, but we have the highest murder rates and the highest gun ownership rates, of any country in the world, is that a coincidence? Is killing, only wrong when someone we sympathize with is killed, but ok, when someone we hate is killed? Hmmmm..that's a good question

The Beast Within

We've all have to be taught to controlled the beast within. Obviously some of us have learned to do that better than others.

If you don't acknowledge the beast within...guess what? The beast within starts to control you, because, you don't even know it exists. You might see it in someone else...but remain oblivious to it in yourself. The beast (devil) is always somewhere out there! And always someone else! Not us or in us.

Pointing Out The Obvious

Someone may say I'm pointing out the obvious. Sometimes the obvious is the hardest thing to see!


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