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Those Good Ol' Baylor Celebrities

Updated on May 1, 2012

Almost everyone will agree that they hope to someday see or even meet a celebrity. While this idea alone is exciting, the possibility of it becoming a reality is exhilarating. Private universities in general have a very diverse student population, and celebrities are progressively becoming a bigger part of this mix. Recently, Baylor University has started to experience this phenomenon. By promoting the attendance of celebrities, Baylor will receive a boost in popularity, a surge in monetary revenue, and an overall happier student body.

Celebrities are idolized and adored by millions, but away from the limelight of Hollywood they are people just like you and I. They do the same things everyone else does: eat, sleep, and even go to school. However when the news comes out that a celebrity is considering attending a certain university, it can turn into a pretty big deal. Harvard University had Natalie Portman, Brown University had Emma Watson, and now Baylor University is faced with the prospect of having Selena Gomez. Having a rising star such a Selena Gomez attend Baylor would boost the university’s popularity. The media would explode with this news and Baylor would become known to many more people. As a result of this added popularity, applications to Baylor would drastically rise, thus causing Baylor’s academic standards to rise as well. With increasing academic standards, Baylor’s reputation of being referred to as an “Ivy League School of the South” would be further perpetuated. Not only will Baylor receive a positive reputation if Selena Gomez chooses to attend, but so will Gomez. By attending such a renowned Baptist university, Gomez will see a rise in her number of fans and will be seen more as a person of faith. This is truly a win-win situation for both Baylor University and Selena Gomez.

As a result of heightened academic standards, investors will be given greater incentive to invest in and provide funds for Baylor. The endowment of Baylor would therefore increase, allowing Baylor to create new buildings, renovate old ones, or do pretty much anything else.

A happy student body is a good student body, and using those additional funds would certainly improve student’s happiness. Furthermore, having such a big-name celebrity as Selena Gomez attend Baylor would make students happier to be at Baylor and would make them even prouder to be a Baylor Bear. When Selena Gomez visited Baylor, news of her being on campus spread quickly, and it wasn’t long before social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter were over pouring with people raving about Selena Gomez and the possibility of her joining the Baylor community. Just the thought of having a celebrity attend Baylor was enough to send students into a frenzy of excitement and delight; if it became a reality, the amount of student happiness would be off the charts.

Having a celebrity attend Baylor would be extremely ideal, and Baylor should make a big effort to promote celebrity attendance. Those in opposition to this idea claim that the celebrity would be overwhelmed by students at the university and that people may choose to attend the university solely because their favorite celebrity goes there. While these arguments would apply to just about any university, it does not apply to Baylor. Baylor prides itself on the level of respect its students show towards one another and the amount of maturity they each possess. Also, students at Baylor are serious about their education, therefore Baylor would not accept students if their primary concern was to attend the same school as a celebrity. With a student body that is as intelligent and goal-oriented as they are respectful and mature, Baylor is, without a doubt, the best choice school for a celebrity.

Baylor should do everything in its power to promote celebrity attendance. Not only does Baylor benefit from having a celebrity on campus, but so does the celebrity. Celebrities attending Baylor would boost the popularity of Baylor, thus leading to a better reputation. Moreover, the increased popularity would cause more people to apply to Baylor, resulting in superior academic standards, thus leading to higher profits. Ultimately, having a celebrity attend Baylor would lead to an overall happier student body which is, after all, what Baylor is all about.


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    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 22 months ago from London England

      As the comments have been few and far between i'd like to high lite this hub for further discussion.

    • profile image

      Clinton Lewis 3 years ago

      I really want to see and meet the real Selena Gomez there cause I've went to Baylor as a head football manager so the real Selena can tell me what to do of Instagram and I need to have Christmas with her any year like this year cause I have her gift

    • Melis Ann profile image

      Melis Ann 5 years ago from Mom On A Health Hunt

      I can see how student life would be altered quite a bit by the addition of a celebrity, however, it would benefit the university in the long-term. Likely, students would find, after a while, that it really isn't that big of a deal to have a celebrity amongst them.