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Three Commands for Healthy Life

Updated on May 19, 2020

Corona virus and three commands for safety

Three Commands for Healthy life

There is nothing important then health. A healthy lifestyle is extremely important for staying smart, refreshed and energetic and maintaining mood. It is essential to ask people to be careful about their health, especially during these days of lockdown everywhere due to pandemic. The new corona virus is actually the same as other types of viruses. That is, it has a shell around its genetic material and contains some proteins. To replicate it, we need a living host cell inside our body. When a person develops this infection, the cell does exactly what the virus commands it to do, namely the cancellation process, and so the virus begins to spread throughout the body. But the process is not a secret. After a few minutes, the body's immune system naturally intervenes. Granulocytes, a category of white blood cells in the natural immune system, become active. These attackers begin to resist the virus and in this process they are assisted by a variety of plasma proteins. There is no doubt that most viruses and bacteria are killed only by the human immune system. The immune system plays a key role in fighting the new corona virus. It protects us against the invading virus and also helps in automated therapy but sometimes the system also goes against us.By adopting the principles of healthy lifestyle, such as good sleep, light exercise, having fresh air and sunshine, immune system can be improved and much health’s related diseases can be prevented.


The most important thing in this regard is a good night's sleep. It helps to keep the body balanced. Seven to eight hours of sleep reduces the chances of diabetes and narrowing of the arteries. Sleep also increases the growth of hormones that help burn extra calories. As a result, the body stays active and balanced. Inadequate sleep can lead to irritability, fatigue and mood disorders. Lack of sleep can also lead to obesity and increased appetite and also weaken the immune system of the body.

Exercise & Fresh Air:

The second basic principle of a healthy lifestyle is to exercise at least half an hour daily. There is no better recipe than exercise to stay fit, fit and strong. Exercise is the best way to get rid of circulatory problems. It prevents blood from clotting in the veins and regulates the heartbeat and increase the efficacy of lungs. A walk in the fresh air is also essential for staying healthy and fit. This not only provides fresh air to the lungs but also refreshes the mind. It is also excellent for relieving physical fatigue as well as for mental relaxation.


Another principle of a healthy lifestyle is to get at least half an hour of sunshine daily. If you walk for half an hour every morning, you can avoid vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is essential for strengthening bones as well as protecting against lung cancer, which can be obtained through the morning sun.


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