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Three Reasons to Hire an Appellate Lawyer

Updated on September 25, 2014

There may be a variety of reasons why you find yourself in need of a lawyer, criminal or civil. There are also a wide variety of outcomes that could come as a result of your trail which may cause you to choose to appeal your case. This means that you believe the court made the wrong decision or did not fully understand your case and therefore you want your case reviewed by an appellate court. If you find yourself in this situation, then it would be best to either hire an appellate lawyer or at least add one to your team. There are three major reasons to do this.

You are in Need of a Fresh Perspective

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. This definition of insanity can apply to your lawyers during an appeals case. They may become so focused on their specific case that they end up with tunnel vision and blind to other cases that may be better options. Introducing an appellate lawyer to your case will add a fresh perspective to the situation. The appellate lawyer may see a loop hole or even just realize a different approach that your counsel could take to further your best interests. An appellate lawyer will also be viewing your case very much like an appellate judge thus giving you a better insight into the process your case will go through so you can then prepare accordingly.

An Appellate Attorney Knows What Appellate Judges are Looking For

Many appellate attorneys have clerked or worked as a research attorney for appellate courts which give them a unique inside look into the workings and proceedings of an appellate court. They also know how a judge will evaluate a case and the best way to leave an impact on that judge. For instance, appellate judges are often hearing cases for the first time when they begin reading briefs and bench notes regarding the case. They also only read one or two briefs from each party and an argument. Your attorney has to make a strong, correct impression in that small span of time. Adding the help of a quality appellate lawyer will mean that the briefs and arguments for your case will be formatted in the best way possible to achieve the result you want as the client.

The Appellate Lawyer Understand Appeals

This may seem like a simple concept but sometimes the simplest approaches work the best. A criminal or civil appellate attorney knows how to best present your appeal because they work specifically with appeals. They have focused all of their work and education on this specific field. They have more experience and knowledge of how to best purge your arguments and briefs of weak points that distract the court away from your strong arguments that could win your case. This is a skill that is not necessarily possessed by all trial lawyers.

These are three very pertinent reasons to hire an appellate lawyer if you find yourself appealing your court case.


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