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Time Travel Could Prove that Life is Predestined

Updated on November 11, 2016
Photo by Steve Moses
Photo by Steve Moses | Source

Do you believe in time travel? Is it really possible that it can be done! I watch all these crazy time traveling documentaries on the Discovery Channel and History Channel, and they always drive me nuts, because of my intuitive and inquiring brain. I know that time travel has been a dream for mankind, and it is a facination subject to talk about. It’s crazy, and I love it! Imagine if it was true!

Here’s my thought on it. Traveling into the future would be more difficult than traveling to the past. Here’s why. Traveling to the past is going to a place that’s already happened, like going back into the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs. If they were real, which evidence shows that they pretty much were, going back to visit them would be possible if time travel was real. This would apply to any historic event that we already know of such as World War II, the Roman Empire, the landing of the Moon, Vietnam War, the assassination of JFK, the crucifixion of Jesus—wait is that for real?—anyway, you get the picture. If you could travel back, you could go even see yourself graduate from high school. Wow! That is just mindboggling, right?

Now, going to the future is another whole game. If you travel to the future, which future would you go into? Would you go to the future where you graduate from college or the future where you got caught smoking too much pot in college and got kicked out? You get my drift? In other words, the future hasn’t happened. We all have decisions to make in our lives, right? At least, I hope so. So, if time travel only goes to one future that we all belong to, then our lives is pretty much meaningless.

I hope you understand what I am saying. If a time machine took me to the future, and I saw myself there, successful or not, I would have to imagine that my choices that I made all of my life, have been already decided since there is only one future to go to. So, if that is true, then our lives are already written out for us. That means, whether you are evil or a complete saint, you were meant to be that way. Additionally, since you can't make up your own decisions, then your life is worthless. There is no freedom. Freedom would just be an illusion!

Now, this thought takes me to other subjects to argue about. For instance, time could be compared to the "Divine Plan" that is mentioned in the Bible. If both of these ideas were true, then time travel could be possible. The reason is because time has already been written or laid out. So, time traveling into the future would be possible like flipping through the pages of a book. Again, your life would be decided for you and your freedom taken.

On the other hand, if our choices really mattered and weren’t already planned out, time travel cannot be possible. The reason I say this is because the future is made up of different dimensions or possibilities; we are constantly creating different universes at all times every time we make a choice. So, if you were to time travel into the future under this rule, you could be jumping dimensions or going into different futures. Then, when trying to return, you would get lost into the different pasts that those various futures hold. Wait, what is going on?

Anyway, imagine every time you have a choice, you are creating a different future. What about the rest of the billions of souls that live on this planet. They are creating different futures as well when they come across a decision. That means there is an ineffable number, for now, that is constantly changing as far as dimensions that exist in the universe. Again, what is going on?

Maybe I’m just blabbing. Maybe I could be saying the ultimate truth ever! Maybe I’m full of shit, but you have to admit that it is a pretty inquiring thought. So, do you believe in time travel? What do you think? I really want to know!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I've heard of that concept too Mark, time traveling by harnesting the ability to travel at the speed of light. Also, the creation of worm holes with mass energy (the God particle), etc. And, yes, time tourist are also theorized. I even heard that Aliens could be us from the future who have evolved into what tiny, skinny, wide-eyed beings. Anyway, I just think time travel into the future, to only one future, would mean that our choices are meaningless. I don't know!!

      Thanks for the comment Mark!!!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What if time travel was already created in the future. Then that would mean that among us are "Time Tourist". Would we know who they are, or would they blend in so we didn't have a clue that people from the future or even the past where tourist visiting us and participating in our current time. I know there are those that say that prooves time travel is not possible, since there are no known time toursit. But I say, if there were time tourist, would they really want to vist the 2013?

      I once read that the first known writing of the idea of time travel was in the late 1700's, and that they traveled to 1997-8. Which is a freaky concept in itself, because that author already traveled to us recently in his mind and then traveled back to the late 1700's.

      It was once explained to me by a physist that time travel is possible once we master energy creation. The ability to travel faster or slower than time is created by moving faster than the speed of light. If you can move faster than light, then you can be somewhere before the light arrives, which is bassically time travel. But to do that would require a source/amount of energy not known to man or nature .... YET!



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