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Is Time Travel like in the Movies Possible?

Updated on March 28, 2011

Why Time Travel?

How you ever wondered whether time travel is possible?

There are lots of time travel movies around. One of the reason is they make great movie plot elements, you can bring unlikely people together, even bring back dead characters without cheesy flashbacks.

I guess we all love the idea of travel because the sense of unlimited possibilities that it can bring. We can go back in back to undo past misdeeds or even our own wrong turns in destiny.

What about travelling to the distant future to find out the fate of humanity or find out the disastrous consequence of some innocuous actions?

The great thing about scientific theory is that given the right conditions anything might be possible. If time travel is possible then we should be able to find some evidence of discrepancies that suggest the presence of time travelers in our recorded history.

Read on to learn all you need to know and more about time travel theories, evidence of time discrepancies and the best of time travel movies. 

Seen Any Time Travellers Lately?

Here's a mind expanding video clip of a scene from a Charlie Chaplin movie with a woman that seems to be talking into a handphone at a time where it cannot possibly exist.

Was the woman a time traveler caught on film using some form of advance technology? Watch the clip and judge for yourself.

Movie #1 "The Time Machine"

Here's a great updated version of the classic tale of time travel from imaginative H.G. Wells.

What interesting about the plot is that the creation of the time machine was triggered by the death of the scientist fiancée. So no matter how many times he tried going back in time to save her. She still dies in a different way hence preserving the timeline of events that leads to the creation of the time machine.

The travel to the future was also handled very well. Revealing a future man made planetary disaster and the twisted far future of humanity.

Movie #2 "Deja Vu"

Another solid performance by Densel Washington.

This time he is an investigator trying to catch a terrorist that have succeeded in bombing a ship full of innocent victims. Things get weird when he is inducted into a team that seems to have access to secret surveillance technology that is not what it seems.

Its always satisfying to watch a movie that doesn't just use time travel as a plot element. The movie Deja Vu's storyline is tightly integrated into the terrorist hunt story, with several twists unveiled over the course of the film.

This movie is highly recommended for someone who prefers an intricate time travel tale that moves along at a break neck pace.

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    • galleryofgrace profile image


      7 years ago from Virginia

      Enjoyed your article. I was reminded of time travel one day when I picked up a package in my room that contained some things for Christmas gifts that belonged to a family member. I very strongly said to myself, "I thought he was going to give these to so-an-so for Christmas." An hour or so later, it dawned on me- Hey -wait a minute it's only October, that's why they're still here. Guess you could say, for a minute there my mind was three months ahead.

    • kafsoa profile image


      7 years ago

      This is really nice,


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