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Time is a medium and it can really be one

Updated on May 14, 2017

Vacuum is unacceptable

It is somewhat unbelievable for me to think that the space is composed of no matter. I mean, there are celestial objects that have matter, but the gap is vacant- it is queer. I am not sure, but can force or energy be applied without any medium? I think yes, but most of the types of energy or forces we have require a medium. Gravitational and inter-stellar forces probably do not require a medium but thinking the gaps in space being just vacuum is not something I want to digest.


I have heard of 'ether' but that idea has not been accepted well enough by scientists all over the world. If ether is not present, could there be something that has no mass being present in the gaps between inter-stellar objects? I am thinking it is not possible for masses to be present in the gaps because the tremendous pull and push forces in the universe does not allow masses to evenly be present across the space.

The environment is temporary

Now, it is proven that there are different forms of masses (states of matter) near and on the special objects. For example, there are air, water and solid matters on the earth. So, how does the matter be present near the celestial objects? Is it only a temporary state of the system? I mean, will there always be air and water on the earth? I do not think so. I think, it is just an effect of cooling down of the planet. I mean, the air and water we have is there for a limited time and they are just disappearing.

Pollution can be a natural phenomenon

The above mentioned idea gives me another idea of stating that gradual pollution is also a natural phenomenon. I mean the composition of the matters on and around the planets are subjects to changes with passing time. However, the process is very slow and even an one percent change in the composition may take many years, so it is not quite recognizable readily. That makes me to state that there won’t be life always on earth. ( I am not challenging human intelligence here, so we might just find many other such planets where human beings can live.)

Coming back to the point - the matter in between interstellar objects

My point was something else, I was thinking about the space being composed of matter. I believe, the matter is something that does not conform to our current understanding of matters. I think mass-less and infinitely spreadable matter is a reality. It is easy to relate to the current forms of inter-stellar forces if we take it as a possibility. If there is mass in the gaps between inter-stellar masses, it is easier to describe why many types of matters are transported to the interstellar objects. For example, light itself is transported from the source to all interstellar masses in the universe, and if light can travel without a medium, it must itself be a medium.

Light cannot move without any medium

Light, is it not a very interesting matter? It is an immensely powerful matter that can take any shape and yet move in the same speed whenever it gets free from obstruction. That is why I want to state that there is a mass-less medium in the gaps between interstellar masses. We know that light travels through the air and water, but I think it needs a medium to get transported. The mass-less and infinitely flexible mass in the gaps between interstellar objects carry light from the source to the interstellar masses.

The medium is something like 'Time'

If you find it hard to think about mass-less medium, just think about time. Time itself is mass-less and it is ubiquitous. In fact, one cannot think about the existence of the universe without considering time. Can there not be something similar to time that can carry all the energy from the source to other available masses in the space? In fact, sometimes I also feel like time is itself a medium- we can transfer energy via time. Although, that seems to be a queer idea now, I just believe in it. I also think that time is a medium because there is definite relationship between time and distance. Time is infinite and the universe is also infinite.

So, I think time can be a good medium to transport energy and there is something similar that is present across the universe. It is easier to understand the existence of time in the space because time is the gap between two moments. The moments are nothing but two different points of existence of matter. That is, if you move from one place to another in two minutes, your points of existence in the two different moments is expressed via a countable medium that separates the two moments.

Distance is also a function of 'Time'

I also think that we are not separated by distance but actually by time. The distance is just counted as the positional dissimilarities of two points. Time is the best way to realize this and we can recognize distance because the positional differences can be felt as it takes time to travel from one point of existence to another. If there is no time, one cannot recognize distance.

So, I think it is very appropriate to think that there is a medium like time available in the space. If there is a medium like time, it becomes much easier for us to understand the universal phenomena. It also makes the existence of universal objects much more acceptable and also lets us know why the masses in the universe act in such a disciplined manner.

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There is something like 'Time' between Earth and Moon



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