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Tips For New Pre-K/Kindergarten Teachers - What to Include in Circle Time

Updated on February 24, 2016

Circle time, or better known as morning meeting time, starts the day for many Pre-K and Kindergarten students. I taught Kindergarten for four years and these are some of the things that I included.

Attendance – Someone would walk around the circle and touch heads of everyone who was present while the rest of the class counted. If one or more were absent, we would do a subtraction problem to see how many were there that day. Then we sang a name song to the tune of the “Farmer in the Dell.” Ex. Jane is here today, Jane is here today, let’s all clap together because Jane is here today. The class loved this song because they enjoyed hearing their name called.

Pledge of Allegiance/Song – We would recite the Pledge of Allegiance and I also taught my class different patriotic songs. My last year of teaching, I taught them the Star Spangled Banner. That is a difficult song for Kindergartners to learn, but I would say they mastered that within two weeks. The class knew it was a hard song, but they were definitely up for the challenge.

Calendar – We would count up to the day of the month and also do yesterday was, today is, and tomorrow will be. I would have the calendar helper find the number of the day in the number pile instead of doing it myself ahead of time.

Weather – Besides having a chart, we had a weather song to the tune of “Oh My Darling.” What’s the weather, what’s the weather, what’s the weather out today? Is it sunny, is it rainy, is it hot or is it cold?

Counting Days in School – This activity taught them place value and groupings of tens. We used straws that were placed in the ones, tens and hundreds pockets. Again, the helper would find the number him/her self.

Days of the Week – We sang a song to the tune of “The Adam’s Family” while the helper pointed to each day on the board. There’s Sunday and there’s Monday, there’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday, there’s Thursday and there’s Friday and then there’s Saturday. Days of the week (clap twice); days of the week (clap twice), days of the week, days of the week, days of the week (clap twice).

Months of the Year – We sang a song to the tune of “Three Little Indians” while the helper pointed to each month on the board.

Seasonal/Monthly Poems – I had charts with songs for each season, month, and also a morning and afternoon song. If I didn’t know the tune to a particular song, we just read it as a poem.

Each year that I taught Kindergarten, I added something new to the procedure. I can really say that Circle time was an enrichment time for my students, and they enjoyed it very much and learned a lot.

What is your favorite part of circle time?

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