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Tips For New Pre-K/Kindergarten Teachers - Letter of the Week

Updated on February 24, 2016

Most Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers do a letter a week with their classes. Sometimes they make certain projects. Here is what I used to do when I was teaching.

First, we sang a letter song each day to the tune of Farmer in the Dell. Example – The b says bu, the b says bu, every letter makes a sound, the b says bu.

I used on the Smart Board. There are words and songs for each letter.

Then we would brainstorm words that began with the letter on chart paper.

I put sight words on index cards plus small words beginning with the letter and we went over them each day.

After about five or six weeks, I started putting words into short sentences. My class started reading mid to late October.

At the end of the week, usually on Friday, we made a project that began with the letter of the week. I tried to use different materials. For example, one week the children would cut out pictures from a magazine that began with the letter. Another week, they would use play dough to make things that began with the letter. At times they just made things from construction paper like pepperoni and pizza for the letter P.

When I was teaching, the Common Core curriculum did not include phonics. I knew I would have to do this with the class if they were going to learn how to read. Unfortunately, once we started with Common Core, we didn’t have time to always make projects at the end of the week. I tried to do it whenever we had time because children love making projects at this age.


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