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Tips - How to study.

Updated on March 16, 2015

Studying is fun mate!

Studying can be fun if you make it fun!
Studying can be fun if you make it fun!

Tips - How to ace your exams!

Here are a few tips that will help you do well in your exams.

Get proper sleep.

Proper sleep is required for a good and long lasting memory power. Science tells us that lack of sleep, causes memory loss. If you're finding it difficult to sleep naturally you need to consult a doctor. If you're unable to sleep on time due to various distractions like the television, computer etc.. Ask your parents to set strict limits towards those factors that distract you. Its all for a good cause!

Proper diet.

Eating junk food such as pizza, fries or burgers will not help. Your diet counts on your memory, science proves that as well! Eat at proper intervals, avoid alcohol at all costs. If your corrupt friends ask you to take a few shots even if you're underage/appropriate age'd please avoid alcohol. It causes memory loss as well as the fact that alcohol is most of the time a combination of alcohol and dead animals(Rats, roaches etc..) that fall into the mixture during manufacturing. Trust me I've seen it.(Its what makes it so *apparently* tasty)

Foods such as the following are said to boost your memory power so I suggest you include these in your daily meals;

  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Salmon and other cold-water fish
  • Berries and dark-skinned fruits
  • Coffee and chocolate
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil

Friends and Teachers

Your friends and teachers are the ones who fool you/discourage you the most. Your friend may tell you "Wow you're so weak in this subject why don't you just give up?" or your teacher will make your exam paper difficult than usual and scold you for getting low grades.

Friends discourage you so they have less competition to deal with, so don't fall for that trick. Make sure you never give up because you're always able to accomplish anything if you have a goal

Teachers make the exam paper difficult so when you get low grades, they think it encourages you to study more, but in reality it just makes the student wonder "I've studied so hard and got bad scores, I might as-well just give up." No. Never give up. Your main international/local exams will be completely different and much easier than the standard school paper so don't get discouraged that you got bad scores in school, just keep studying the appropriate way and you'll be fine!


When it comes to studying, most people study for around 1-2 hours per day, per subject, one-two days a week. This is not such an effective way. As my teacher told me; "Increase the frequency, decrease the time."

Basically, lets take a few examples to explain that out;

You study Chemistry for around two hours on Monday, and then no more Chemistry until next Monday. This is not so effective, instead what you could do is study Chemistry for thirty minutes per day, all seven days of the week. This will decrease the stress of studying for two hours straight, and will make sure that you have your full concentration because after all its just a half hour. Once you get used to this habit you will find out that you're unable to stop yourself from studying, instead you will make sure that you get that thirty minutes of chemistry per day!

Exam Fear!

When the exams are getting closer you feel you've not done enough? Well don't ever let that feeling get in your way. Exam fear is one reason why you tend to forget what you've studied. At the exam hall when you receive the paper your first view is "This paper must be difficult!" When fear is present chemicals are released from your body that cause instant memory loss. Think of it like when someone pops a balloon and immediately someone asks your name, you will not remember your name for that split second because you forgot due to the fear introduced by the pop sound. A good tip is to know what the paper would look like, before the exam. Ask your school teacher for previous exam papers so you could practice writing them at home weeks before the exam. Train your mind into thinking the exam paper is just an ordinary test that you can ace!

Methods to study

Study with friends: Grab a few of your brilliant friends, form a nice circle with a few desks, chairs and snacks, Pull out your books and start studying. After a while begin doing questions with each other, take turns to display your question and make everyone solve it.

Studying alone; Never listen to music + study. You can't multitask like you think you can.

Have a good room lighting and ventilation. Make sure you study between the hours 04:00 AM - 04:00 Pm. Its when your brain is effective. Preferably at 4-5 AM.

Quotes; Paste quotes around your house/room. Quotes may include equations, statements etc.. example if you're finding it difficult to memorize an equation paste a quote on your wall "Speed=Distance/Time" You won't notice but in around 5-10 days of seeing that it will be automatically stored in your memory.

Overall if you stick to the above, you should do just fine! Let me know if this was helpful or not!

Take care and good luck with your exams!

© 2015 Deadshot


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