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Tips To Help You Think Of New Ideas For Just About Anything.

Updated on May 23, 2016

Most of the time, just when we need new ideas, they never seem to come to us. It can get frustrating and annoying. So how do we get those naughty little things to be right by our side in times of need?

Easy. Stop forcing your mind to think harder but rather work with it to explore better. Confused? Don’t be.

Below, I am going to list some stuff that helps me venture into the world of ideas (its a pretty place, incase you were wondering). They might be silly, but they work. Most of the time.

Disclaimer -I do not guarantee that the tips below will definitely work, since it is proven that not everything works for everyone.

Okay, with the disclaimer displayed for all to see, I can finally get on with showing off all that I know about this topic.

  • Juice up: I mean this in every way possible. Seriously, get yourself a glass of juice. Any kind. Imagine being at your dream holiday spot. Start sipping the juice and enjoy the moment. I know life is full of stress and bills and annoying people.... but now is not the time for all this. Remember you are relaxing, if you know what that means. If you don’t, then in simple words, you are feeling calm and special and lively. Get the picture? Great!
  • Get moving: At your own pace, walk or stroll, what I mean is, just be on your feet. Don’t be a lazy cabbage. For a dramatic effect, try moving your arms too or set your hair whilst moving about. Anything to keep your mind from concentrating too hard on digging up an idea for you. You wouldn't want your brain to tire, would you? Oh ,the lazy cabbage thing just gave me an idea. And the idea is... cabbage juice tastes nice (for me at least) and is so good for everyone’s health (not just mine), just goggle the recipe and try it! See, an idea evolved whiles telling you how to come up with one!
  • Write: For a second, I had no idea what to write next for this point, but the moment I placed my hands on the keyboard I found out. Write. An oft-repeated, mainly ignored tip. Believe me when I say that even if you don’t know what to put down, simply get hold of your writing materials. Scribble or doodle. Mess around and something might pop up in your mind or on the paper. Once again, I am not saying this will work 100% for you but it doesn't hurt to play a bit, does it? It doesn’t, please agree with me.
  • Talk to yourself: We talk to ourselves most of the time without even realizing it. But to consciously do something is different. It is done for a purpose so it might produce intended results. You understand yourself better than I do, so you should know how to start "the" conversation that will get you thinking and questioning. Now questions are a good thing. They lead to new discoveries, and we all are constantly in search of something new. Just remember not to talk aloud with someone around. I am sure, you don’t want funny looks, unless you enjoy watching people raising their eyebrows at you.
  • Sleep on it: On what you might ask? On whatever it is you need an idea on. For example, If I want to write a new article and have no clue, before going to sleep, I go over my problem and when awake, I have something waiting for me, just like so many famous people, who went to bed and woke up with an idea that then got them the famous tag. Sleepy, now? No problem, just a few last lines and you can run off to bed.

Okay, so now you have, lets see... five tips that are simple and yet useful to get you an idea, and I hope its a million dollar one, in which case I would like you to come back here and share with us which of these tips helped (I still haven’t figured out how to make that much money out of any of them, but if you do, please share, both of us will then be famous, not to mention all the people that we can hire to do the thinking for us, whilst we go on our dream vacation!) Isn’t this a great idea?


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    • LittleFairy profile image

      LittleFairy 6 years ago

      Thanks for reading and commenting Wooded. Yes go for the recipe, its quite unique and healthy.

    • profile image

      Wooded 6 years ago

      Great tips! I will definitely try some of these and will have to look up that cabbage juice recipe. Sounds good. Thanks!