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Tips To Help Your Child Learn Spanish

Updated on August 29, 2012
Learn Spanish
Learn Spanish

Get A Head Start On Spanish

Teaching children a foreign language gives them an advantage in their adult life. The Spanish language is the number two language spoken in being bilingual opens up a lot of doors in the job market and the younger a person learns a language, the easier it is to learn.

To help you teach your Child Spanish, here are a few tips that can help to give them a competitive edge.

  1. Use flash cards. Flash cards are a great way to learn basic words in Spanish. There are even Spanish Flash Cards Apps that are a fun interactive way to learn the language. Kids tend to prefer flash card apps to the real thing because it feels more like a game and that helps to make learning fun.
  2. Open your children’s eyes to different cultures. Take them to Spanish or Mexican restaurants or grocery stores. These are real world ways when your children can learn and apply their Spanish.
  3. Watch cartoons. There are versions of many of your children’s favorite cartoons in Spanish. Kids pick up on things really quickly and watching an entire half hour cartoon that is entirely in Spanish is a good way to engross your child in the foreign language.
  4. Listen to music. On the way to and from school, or out on errands, listen to children’s Spanish music. If you can get your kids to sing in Spanish then they are really doing great!
  5. Hire a tutor. If you find your child still lagging behind in their Spanish class, consider hiring a tutor. Working one on one with a professional can really help to drive the foreign language home.

Simply incorporating these habits into your daily life can help your child excel in their learning the Spanish language. Hopefully these simple tips will help making learning a positive experience for your child and better prepare them for advanced language skills later in school and life.


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