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Essentials For Passing Your GCSE Maths

Updated on June 19, 2013
Arithmetic | Source
Arithmetic | Source

This are the essentials for acing your Maths GCSE so take a note of them:

1) Master The Basics

This is very important yet most people tend to ignore it. Not many people realise this but maths is actually a very simple subject. This is because most of it derives from the basics. If you can master the basics (operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), then the more-advanced topics become much easier. What you'll notice is the harder concepts rely heavily on these basics. For instance, solving an algebraic equation involves a lot of inverse operations. You will need to understand the equation and what operations it uses to begin with. In short, practise your arithmetic (operations mentioned above) on a regular basis.

2) Use Your Logic

This simply means use your common sense. Really interpret the question. What is it asking you to do? What task or method is it asking you to carry out? Is there anything you can derive from the information provided? Would it help to visualise the question in context? Can you apply any of theory you've learnt to this question? If you consider all of these factors, you begin to connect the dots and the solution materialises. Apply this thinking when answering each problem.

3) Exam Papers

Ultimately, you're going to be assessed by an exam. If you do not practise exam papers, you will achieve a low grade. Its as simple as that. This is because exam questions are quite different to standard maths problems. You've probably noticed this too. They are worded in a different way. If you are not used to these type of questions, you're seriously jeopardising your grade. I would recommend doing a lot past papers just prior to the exam. Also, make sure you complete each paper in exam conditions. This is because you will enter that 'exam mode' just before the real thing. Taking an exam will be second nature to you so you will just walk into the exam room, complete it and pass with flying colours!

4) Memory

This is another very important point. If your memory retention skills are not good, you are bound to fail. From experience, the best memory retention technique is rote-learning. Rote-learning just simply means repetition. Attempt questions over and over again. You can use your notes to begin with, but after you've done ten questions or so, the method will instill into your mind. You won't have to use your notes anymore. Your memory would have stored it. Also, when you attempt exam papers, you will remember a lot more stuff.

There you have it. This is, in my opinion, the best advice I can give you in order to nail your Maths GCSE. If you take into account all of the points mentioned above, I am very confident that you will excel in your Maths GCSE. Essentially, it will boil down to how much work you're willing to put in. The more you put in, the more you will get out. So, work hard and make me proud.


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