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Tips To Prepare For The Sri Lanka Local G.C.E. O'Levels

Updated on October 18, 2013

Sri Lanka Local G.C.E O’levels in December

Are you a grade 10 student who will be taking the Local G.C.E O’levels in December?

Are you having a hard time finding the write workbooks to help you study for the G.C.E O’level exams?

Here are some tips that may help you in preparing for the exam and give you the guidance needed to get high marks.

What Is Your Weakest School Subject?

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Tips For Studying For the Local G.C.E O’levels

As many of you know in Sri Lanka emphasis is put more on private tuition than that offered at school. Parents spend thousands of rupees a month as payments for tuition classes in the hope their children will get a good mark in the G.C.E O’level exams. Some of these parents even go into debt since they have to borrow the money to make the payments.

To prepare yourself for the local G.C.E O’levels make sure you take at least four years prior to the exam to improve your grades on the subjects your weak in. Never blame yourself for getting low grades while at school. Teachers should take full responsibility. I say this because I've come across quite a number of children who have suffered by not being given the guidance they needed to do well in certain subjects at school.

Numerous teachers in Sri lanka have the habit of ignoring the weak students for they consider taking some time to help these kids is a hassle for them. While growing up in the US and Europe where the education was the best our teachers had a motto. It was no ‘student left behind.’ Unfortunately such a saying is not embedded in the hearts and minds of some teachers here in Sri lanka.


How to Pick The Best Subjects for Local G.C.E O’level Exam

By the time students are in grade nine they no longer have to take fourteen subjects as they once did. Instead they only need to take nine subjects.

Although some may think this is a good thing you have to remember three years (from grade six) prior to grade nine children wasted their time learning five subjects which will not be included in the local G.C.E O’level exam if they choose not to take them. The Education Ministry in Sri lanka should have allowed children to only do nine subjects from grade six so that they would be better prepared for the G.C.E O’levels exams.

When choosing your G.C.E O’level subjects do so with care and pick the ones you've scored high marks on since grade six.

Remember, Mathematics, Science, English, History and Sinhalese are five subjects which are compulsory to take and pass. If you fail in any one of these subjects and do well in the other subjects you still fail the exam and will have to redo it again. The local G.C.E O’levels can only be taken twice. If you fail both times you will no longer be able to retake the exam.


Best Workbooks To Help Prepare For the G.C.E O’levels

When purchasing workbooks make sure you do so from publishers who are reputed and have experience in creating good books with authors that have experience in the subject.

Samudra Book Publications, Gihan Bookshop and Masterguide Publications are three publishing houses that offer ideal books on many subjects to help prepare the G.C.E O’level student for the exam.

To find the closest branch of the above mentioned publishers, listed below are their contact details.


Samudra Book Publications Address and Phone Number

Samudra Bookshop

No.8/2, Mihindu Mawatha


Sri Lanka.

+94 37 223 4446


Gihan Bookshop Address and Phone Number

Gihan Book Shop

144C, Sir D.B. Jayathilaka Mawatha,


Sri Lanka.

Tel/Fax: +(94)11-2730152


Masterguide Publications Address and Phone Number

Mr. H. H. C. Wickramarathne

Master Guide Publications

No. 80, Dr. N. M. Perera Mawatha,

Colombo – 08

Sri Lanka

Tel : 2691412, 2675834, 2672257

Fax : 2675364


National Institute of Education Address and Phone Number

Another important establishment that can help you get answers to questions you may have about the Local G.C.E O’Levels is the National Institute of Education. Their contact details are:

The Director General

National Institute of Education

No. 21. High Level Road,


Sri Lanka

Tel : 2851301-4

Fax : 2851300

Web :


Student Sri Lanka Education Network

For those of you who want online access to get answers to some of the questions you may have about the Local G.C.E O’Levels try the Student Sri Lanka Education Network at

Finally, I wish you the very best in passing the Sri Lanka Local G.C.E O’Levels and hope you prepare yourself well to face the exam and get the high marks you deserve.

© 2013 Suranee Perera


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    • Suranee1969 profile image

      Suranee Perera 4 years ago from Kandy, Sri Lanka

      Thank you for sharing your experince @Nimesh De Silva. My son has his O'levels coming up next year December and although he has been doing his studies in the English medium he has to take the religion paper and history paper in Sinhala. I think its really unfair because students under the English medium should not be forced to do the exam papers in the Sinhala language.

      I think many students tend to face the same situation as you have - difficulty in finding experienced teachers to teach subjects in the English medium.

    • Nimesh De Silva profile image

      Nimesh De Silva 4 years ago

      I remember the time I sat for GCE A/Ls. So much pressure from everybody. and on top of that I followed studies in English medium, the first batch to start English medium studies in government schools. So had to face a lot of difficulties in finding 'experienced' teachers.