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Tips and trics for getting that GED

Updated on May 3, 2012

GED Study Tips and tricks:

First and foremost, I know how difficult it can be to study up for a GED, the finding of the perfect study books, and materials, figuring out exactly what you don’t know and need to know. So I will give you some tips; I have been trying stuff out since I was 16 to get my GED, or High school diploma. I have exhausted so many options! So I made up my own routine and studied up for it myself. I will warn you; depending on how much you need to go over, it can become very expensive!

The Spectrum series of children’s educational books are perfect to get more practice before taking the GED; they cover things for math and science and writing/grammar. You will not find as much in the way of practice problems in a regular GED testing book, however having one isn’t a bad idea because of the practice tests they have in them. For basic tips and tricks to learn more about what you need to do with Fractions, Grammar, Geometry and so on, I suggest the Painless series published by Barron (if you do a search on the website for Barnes and noble they will all come up for you, same with the Spectrum series). These are great for learning the basic rules of topics, and they cover a wide range of topics! I love those books, however corny they may be, they are full of information you may not know! If you need to get more practice with mathematics, I suggest also looking online for sites like it is run by a guy for free, he is amazing, and what he has done to get that site going inspires me; I found out about it through my parents who heard of it because a story they did about this guy on 60 minutes. =D another good one if you need to go back to minute math drills is, they will let you print stuff you need for free! Flash cards are good as well; if you have kids go over them with your kids. It’s a good way to be active about your education, and teach your children about how important school is. You can find all of this at Barnes and noble; either online or by going to the store. In the children’s section, you will find the Spectrum books, and you have to go to the study aids section for the painless book series, and GED all subjects’ books. It is best to look at the contents of the book before you buy it though, some GED all subjects books might not suit your learning style, or even the information you really want to get out of it. Also, look for flash card apps on your cell phone. I have done this, and people have already made a whole lot of them for many a subject, so consider doing that instead of buying a flash card set. Smart phones have apps for all kinds of stuff, including flashcards. =D

When I was in college, I took a reading class that was really about how best to study. Surprisingly enough, a person shouldn’t sit down and study for hours without a break; a person should usually stop every twenty minutes or so. Otherwise you wouldn’t really get much out of what you have done; you are not really soaking in the information past twenty minutes so you should take a break for five minutes and stretch, get a cup of coffee and whatever. Also study at a time you are most alert, for me it is later in the afternoon but not past 3 o’clock! I am useless after three o’ clock – personally. Another good thing to be aware of is trying to find a quiet place, where you can focus and keep it neat and tidy, having a bunch of stuff in your way could result in distraction. If you do find yourself wandering elsewhere in your head, take a break make some kind of mark on your paper, or notes, and keep going. Sometimes getting a thought out of your head makes it easier to focus and go back to it later, when you aren’t studying. Keep your phone off, or at least on vibrate and resolve to not touch it for the duration of your study sessions. Taking notes is also a great thing, and there are many styles of note taking from drawing pictures and diagrams, or using the cornel note style, and just like you may have in high school. Whatever you do, do it in a way you really find that you take in the information the way you like to. A good note taking program is Microsoft OneNote! I figging love OneNote! I usually start a student notebook and use that for stuff that I need to take notes about, and make to do lists, and all kinds of stuff! OneNote is amazing! so are nook applications for your computer, as long as you do not plan to write in your book, downloading the nook app for your computer is a great way to save money because most nook books cost less than a regular hard copy, but not all of them; I will also note, barns and noble does have a few GED study books, the painless series and more on nook capable devices.

Thank you for reading my article and I hope I have helped you. If you have any questions whatsoever, please ask! I am willing to help you as much as I can! =D


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