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Tips for Enrolling into the George Washington University MBA Degree Program

Updated on January 17, 2012

The George Washington University is located in Washington, D.C. It has a School of Business for both undergraduate and graduate business programs. Experienced business professionals seeking to improve their career potential can obtain an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from the school. There are actually several kinds of GW MBA programs. Each is tailored to a specific kind of student and business professional. Those considering an advanced business degree in the D.C. area should explore the various options and requirements for getting accepted into each program.

GMAT Requirements:

The Graduate Management Admission Test is the usual requirement for getting accepted into an MBA program. In addition to that GMAT, though, George Washington does allow GRE scores. This could be important, as some people will fare better on the GRE than the GMAT. If you have taken one test and are not particularly happy with the results, then consider taking the other test and submitting the one that is most likely to help get your application accepted by GW.

In terms of GMAT scores, the school is competitive but definitely not what would be considered a top-tier school. Here are the average scores that GW has reported for Fall 2010 students:

Global MBA: 635
Professional MBA: 575
Accelerated MBA: 600

According to TestMasters, that 635 is around the 74th percentile. Of course, this is the average, which means you can try to make up for a less-than-average score by having good essays, impressive work experience or a high GPA.


The GPA average is 3.2 to 3.3 for all of these programs. In other words, there is no substantial difference among the George Washington MBA programs as far as Grade Point Average.

Work Experience:

All of the programs have students with substantial work experience. The full-time program had an average of just over 4 years, while the others had 5 or 6 years except the Executive MBA. That program focuses heavily on experience and recruits existing business executives who had an average of 14 years of work experience.

Refer to the "Admission" page in the Resources below for a full list of requirements. Note that you will have to submit four full essays, work history and letters of recommendation.


You may apply for an MBA degree program online at the George Washington University website (see Resources). If you have any other questions, use the following contact information:

School of Business
The George Washington University
2201 G. Street, NW
Duques Hall 550
Washington, DC 20052


TestMasters: The GMAT Scoring Scale

George Washington University: Admission Page (for MBA Programs)

GW MBA Application

MBA Class Profiles


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