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Learn How to Implement the Law of Attraction and Have The Phenomenal Life You Deserve

Updated on October 11, 2010

The Law of Attraction

We all have the power within ourselves to attract all that we could ever want or desire.  This concept is the basic theme or belief for what is known as the Law of Attraction.  I’ve chosen to write about the Law of Attraction not because I feel that I’m a great teacher or philosopher of its practices but because I’ve been drawn to it.  This Hub will not make sense to some of you.  It will be of great inspiration to those who are living by and actively practicing this great practice known as the Law of Attraction.  It may seem strange to read a Hub filled with groups of phrases but as you read you will understand. 

What do you really want?

Ask for it!  Feel it!  Believe it!  Live it!  Act!  You will attract everything that you need and desire.  Just take the first step.  Its all waiting for you…its just a matter of alignment and will.  There are no rules.  No sense of time.  Put more energy into what you want than into what you don’t want.  If you believe it; If you can see it; If you can act from it; it will blow you away.  You can create it the way you want it.  See yourself with the good that you desire.  You are a money magnet.  Money comes easily.  Wealth is a mindset.  You have to be hungry.  You have to really want it.


Write it out in the present tense:


I am so happy and grateful now that I have:


  • Inner peace
  • Happiness
  • Self confidence
  • Restful sleep
  • Beauty and abundant charm
  • A loving wife
  • More money than I can spend
  • Multiple streams of income from businesses, real estate and my Hubs
  • A beautiful home
  • Expensive cars, boats and motorcycles
  • Vacation homes at the Atlantis, Nassau, The Bahamas; Vail, Colorado and Lake James, North Carolina
  • Exotic vacations to Singapore, China, Costa Rica
  • My Honey Bear embraces and trusts her heart
  • No more stress about money, love, beauty and love
  • Designer clothes, suits, shoes and jewelry
  • Money to send my daughter to the finest schools and the best education




Wake up and say “Thank you”.  Have gratitude towards all the things that you feel good about.  Feel the feelings of gratitude.  Always maintain an attitude of gratitude.  Appreciation attracts support.  Go with the flow and celebrate. 


Visualize.  Visualize.  Visualize.


Visualize your happiness.  Visualize your love.  Visualize all your wants and desires.  Feel all your wants and desires.  Be grateful…. then project them to the world.  Visualize turning your life around NOW!  Those who visualize…materialize.  Open up your vision and see all that’s around you.  If you go there in the mind, you’ll go there in the body.


Focus.  Focus.  Focus on Your Thoughts


Focus on abundance and prosperity.  What you focus on you will get!  Focus on love.  Focus on trust, love, happiness, living in abundance and peace.  Focus on what your want, not on what you don’t want.  Focus on your creative ideas.  Focus on your passion.  Be intentional and focus on the things that you want.  Focus on positive and happy thoughts.  Celebrate your good thoughts.  A happy thought is more powerful than a negative thought.  Feel love.  Feel prosperous. Feel GOOD!  Dwell on good thoughts.  What we think about and thank about…we bring about.  Change your thoughts to change your life.  All we are is the result of what we thought.  Trust your inspired thoughts.




Everything is energy.  Everything works out for me.  Embrace everything you want so you can get more of it.  Imagination is everything.  Everything that you want and desire is there, waiting for you to grab it. 



Inner Peace


Inner peace comes from an all knowing and trusting heart.  The heart focused on the spiritual understanding is an intuitive recognition of the value of love for ones self.  The heart trusts the wisdom of the inner self, which brings about true inner peace.  Loving yourself is the first step to inner peace.  Trust what the heart knows!  Live from your heart and go for what you want. 


Feel good!  Happiness is inner joy and peace.  Enjoy yourself and others will too.  Inner happiness is the fuel of success.  Feel joyous and feel alive.  Never define yourself by your current state of affairs.  Inner peace and joy is the best measurement of success.  You are the solution for you.  Fill yourself full of fullness and overflow into the universe.  See your own beauty.  Fall in love with yourself.  Kiss yourself.  


We create our own happiness.  No one has the power to create your happiness.  Your joy and happiness lives within you.  Bless and praise the beautiful things around you.  Break yourself FREE and be happy!  You were born to add value to this world.  FEEL GOOD!  As you love yourself, you’ll love others.


Life is Phenomenal


Life is a magnificent journey.  Enjoy life.  Life is meant to be abundant in all areas.  We are creators of our universe.  You are worthy of all of life’s abundance.




Be happy.  Follow your bliss.  Bliss, passion, joy and happiness is contagious.  Experience joy.  If it ain’t fun…don’t do it.  We are unlimited beings.  You are the infinite field of unlimited possibilities.  Only you can create your world.  You are the designer of your destiny.  Empower and share.  Energy flows where attention goes.  Romance is a rush!  Set yourself free…BE HAPPY!



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