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Tips for Teaching Multi-Age Sunday School Lessons

Updated on June 10, 2014

I've been teaching Sunday School for over 10 years. I teach young adults ages 18-35. I love teaching. It is one of my gifts. I had a twist this year. Our Sunday School Superintendent and her husband were called to plant another church. Guess who my Pastor ask to replace her. Yep me. I reluctantly accepted. I've been working in this capacity for about 6 months. It has been challenging because there aren't enough teachers. Very few make the commitment to teach the Word of God faithfully and it is very disappointing and disheartening. But you know what- you pray and let God provide. I have been offering some teaching training to my teachers and providing some teaching tips to help them become more successful teaching their classes.

In this hub we will talk about teaching a multi-age class. Many churches are small and have less than 100 members. Or maybe you are at a church that doesn't have enough teachers therefore your classes are filled with children in multiple age groups. You may wind up with children form kindergarten through 6th grade in one class room. How can you effectively meet all the needs at one time? Here are some tips to make your classroom a learning center for all kids

1. Establish Buddies- Pair an older child with a younger child and allow them to work together in the classroom on projects like scripture memorization or crafts.

2.Use Your Experienced Readers- Allow them to read aloud. The older students will love reading aloud and the younger students will look forward to the day when they become the readers.

3. Give the Older Children Special Projects: The older children could help lead the other children in singing a few songs at the beginning of class . The older children can help set up and take down the room everyday or make copies. These tasks will help instill leadership qualities into these young children.

4. Have an Interactive Lesson: Use different strategies like videos, role-playing, music, etc

5. Consider Attention Spans: Studies indicate that a child's attention span is generally one minute longer than their age. You should plan accordingly.

6. Provide Structure: Younger children thrive on routines. Build a routine into every lesson. Utilize actives such as an opening prayer, an icebreaker, a Bible lesson, game, art project and prayer.

I hope these tips will help you if you find yourself teaching a multi-age classroom at Sunday School. A Sunday School teacher is just as instrumental in shaping a young mind as a regular teacher. I still remember some of my Sunday School Teachers. You should want your students to look back during their middle-aged years and say: I remember Miss/Mr. Whoever as my teacher. She taught me the word of God and gave me a foundation to become who I am today

Need Ideas for the Kinesthetic Learner? click here

Need ideas for the Auditory Learner? click here.


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