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Tips on Becoming An Effective Fourth Grade Teacher

Updated on April 7, 2011

Fourth grade is considered a crucial time in the elementary academic career. These 9- and 10-year-olds are facing changes in schoolwork and social interactions. Schoolwork becomes challenging even to students who have experience prior success. Fourth-graders also work together in groups with their peers more often. Teacher expectations grow and there is an increase in assessments. Educators wishing to teach fourth grade must have certain strengths.

Engaging Lesson Plans

Strong fourth-grade teachers must plan lessons that are engaging and will hold students' interest. When developing each lesson, teachers must take the auditory, tactile and visual learners into consideration. Teachers should have an activity using each method. Giving the fourth-grade students an opportunity to work in groups also allows for greater interests in the lesson and social development. Educators who research and spend time on lessons can be more effective teaching the fourth grade.

Professional Development

Effective teachers are life-long learners. Many school districts offer teachers the opportunity to participate in professional development classes and seminars. At theses professional development events, educators learn new teaching strategies and information on educational studies. Joining teacher associations and organizations is another way to stay abreast of changes and development in the teaching field. Some fourth-grade teachers decide to obtain an advanced degree in order to gain more knowledge about educating students.

Classroom Management

Maintaining a safe and productive classroom environment is an important component to being a strong fourth-grade teacher. To develop this strength, teachers must let the students know the classroom expectations. Greeting students at the door in the morning, having class rules established at the beginning of the school year and on display are substantial classroom management tools. Developing different techniques to quiet a noisy classroom or to get the students' attention without yelling are also necessary strategies.

Personal Characteristics

Successful fourth-grade teachers are attentive and enthusiastic about the learning and teaching process. These teachers are empathetic, caring and warm. Many of the teachers have established a rapport with the students and show they care about both schoolwork and the child's personal matters. Fourth-grade students can rise to meet the high expectations of the teacher who has shown interest and dedication to the lessons and the individual students.


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