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Fifteen Qualities of a Good Student

Updated on November 19, 2015
A good student not only works hard at their studies, they develop practical skills and observe the traditional values of their society.
A good student not only works hard at their studies, they develop practical skills and observe the traditional values of their society.

There is an English proverb: “The more you read, the more you learn.” However, studying from books alone will not help a student develop. In order to be truly good, they must strive in multiple areas: reading, travel, information technology, social activities, and leisure.

But there are a number of additional qualities and experiences that a good student should strive to acquire. They are described below.

Essential Qualities and Experiences

Games and Sports

Students who engage in sports and exercise are more successful.
Students who engage in sports and exercise are more successful.
1. An ideal student maintains their health and observes religious activities.
2. They are social and hard-working.
3. They love their country.
4. They actively take part in games, sports, and other extra-curricular activities.

Dedication to Knowledge

Good students dedicate themselves to the pursuit of knowledge.
Good students dedicate themselves to the pursuit of knowledge.
5. They perform social work.
6. They make proper use of their time and never shirks their duties.
7. They obey existing rules and regulations.
8. They devote themselves fully to the pursuit of knowledge.
9. They cultivate their virtues and values.
10. They have noble aims.
11. They give utmost priority to developing their character.
12. They lead a strictly disciplined life and never indulge in evil thoughts.
13. They spend most of their time acquiring knowledge about their chosen field.
14. An ideal student does not dabble in politics. Politics is responsible for many problems that youth face these days. A good student bears in mind that their student years are the time to prepare for the struggles of adulthood.
15. They are sincere, truthful, dutiful, energetic, neat, and clean.

Readers Say Books Are Most Important

More than half of the readers who voted in the following poll think that books are the most important thing a student needs to succeed—more important even than a laptop! What do you think?

Take This Poll!

Which of these is more important for a good student to have?

See results

The Role of Technology

A good student should understand information technology. They should have an Internet-connected laptop or something similar. In this area, students in the West have an edge over South Asian students. In order to catch up, we should provide student loans to pay for computers.

Four More Qualities of a Successful Student

Readers Say Patriotism is Important to Success

A majority by far of readers who voted in the following poll believe that students should love their country.

What do you think? Is it important for a successful student to be patriotic?

Should An Ideal Student Love His Country?

See results


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    • profile image

      k.pooja tejaswi 7 months ago

      super information to make a good student

    • profile image

      bhai 9 months ago

      farly good but little bit complecated for some students and also for students below class 4 but nice

    • profile image

      Sunana 9 months ago

      Helped me to do my homework

      Very nice

    • profile image

      Noor 10 months ago

      Very much helpful

    • profile image

      Vanshika 11 months ago

      Ya right without respecting

      Our elders our parents we should not

      Because study is not anything

      We should respect first then study

    • profile image

      Rahul Singh 12 months ago

      Very nice and thoughtful Qus. I liked

    • profile image

      Neha Sharma 13 months ago

      Excellent qualities.Thank you for tips

    • profile image

      guriya mishra 17 months ago

      Above mentioned points are undoubtedly very true but an ideal or sincere student firstly should be bold enough to take the stand in any circumstances.secondly he/she must be sincere at her task n must take studies as a modern day weapon which enables one to fight from all the odds of life..

    • profile image

      hari 19 months ago

      this is a wonderful article i am eager to read some more

    • vespawoolf profile image

      vespawoolf 23 months ago from Peru, South America

      This is a thought-provoking article. Although reading is a core need in education, other qualities are needed to make for a well-rounded education. Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      Ayushi 2 years ago

      This very good thought.I am also a student

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 2 years ago from sunny Florida

      breathing you have shared some very interesting thoughts here. Being a student who is serious about the pursuit of knowledge also needs some time for relaxation and fun too.

      Thanks for sharing

      Angels are on the way to you this afternoon. ps

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 2 years ago from Bangladesh

      I mentioned staying away from politics in the negative sense. That is the negative politics of modern world. You cannot deny the fact that many bright students have destroyed their career going into the dirty politics. If any good student can keep all his studies and other relative thing and then join politics, I’ve no objection on that regard. Thank you all commenting here.

    • profile image

      James Anderson 2 years ago

      I thank the author for bringing out the point “the role of technology”. In modern technologically advanced world, a good student needs to be fully aware about the proper usage of technology. There are both good and bad usages of technology. If a good student can use the good sides of technology for the society’s betterment then the society can be greatly benefited. Many people discourage the use of technology due to its bad sides. Many bright student pay heed to this warning and act accordingly. This is not the proper solution. If any of your body parts is affected by disease, you don’t cut the organ away from your body. Rather you treat that organ so that it gets cured. Same is the case with use of technology.

      So instead of avoiding technology completely, a good student must use the good sides of it and benefit own and the society.

    • profile image

      relationsolve 2 years ago

      The author has beautifully the essential qualities that a good student. Yeah, there are a few qualities where there is option of not being in agreement with the author completely but most of the qualities are really necessary for a student to be “good” literally. I agree with most of the points. But the author has pointed out that good students do not involve themselves in politics. I can’t completely agree with this point. Yeah, modern day politics have led to the destruction of many bright students. But still I want to ask if good students are completely out of politics, who will then be the country’s leader in the absolute sense? Politicians are the one who lead the country or the society. So if a good student has all the mentioned qualities then he can go into politics only with the purpose of serving the nation; no personal benefit or interest.

    • profile image

      Ishaan Sharma 2 years ago

      An exciting post highlighting the important qualities of a good student. Indeed these qualities are very much needed not only among the students but also within the general people for the betterment of the society. All the students should read this post in order to enrich their knowledge and have a basic understanding of what should be the qualities they should possess.

      Good students are the backbone of a society. So the backbone should be healthy and stable. Otherwise the whole society will be destroyed. Good students are the ideal leaders who will lead the society towards success. If the good students have the mentioned qualities to a good extent then the society will get the best out of them. A society is destroyed when the good students get astray. That’s why there is a saying “if you want to destroy a society just destroy its ‘students”. Indeed this is a very good saying.

    • profile image

      M.Moorthi,Teacher in English 2 years ago

      Hello,this is excellent article.first,I will try to become a good student hereafter

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 3 years ago from Bangladesh

      @Umakanta sorokhaibam, It is a good sign that you want to become an Ideal Student. I am giving just four tips to you....

      First: Keep your body and mind healthy and fresh by doing exercise, taking good and nutritious food and give a little bit time for prayer or meditation.

      Second: Go bed early at night and get up early in the morning and start reading something related to your lesson or previous day's task.

      Third: Just follow your class. Do everything what you got yesterday form your institution. Do not (never) let them incomplete for tomorrow.

      Fourth: Do play your favorite sports or chose something as a hobby. Travel around when you got vacation. Spend time with your best friends. Do not miss any opportunity if you got any chance of learning something that make you happy.

    • profile image

      Umakanta sorokhaibam 3 years ago

      My name is umakanta from manipur thoubal district lamding khumanthem.I am very lazy in my study how to became a ideal student please tell me

    • profile image

      bhoomika 3 years ago

      That was awesome I am eager to read some more

    • profile image

      Majok Deng 3 years ago

      ¤ An ideal student turns challenges to opportunities.

      ¤An ideal student has a well-defined vision and goals set for fulfillement.

      ¤An ideal student is ever flexible; adjust accordingly to stress, routine changes and pressure....

      Thanks Mr. Author, may God bless you abundantly and lengthens your lifetime{John10:10}

    • profile image

      subha 3 years ago

      I am trying to make someone as an ideal student.

    • profile image

      K.Tharuna Rathod 3 years ago

      Its beautiful explenation& Now I want to be a ideal student

    • profile image

      Astha 3 years ago

      This is very good for those students who have not any guide. They have been taken from this.

    • profile image

      Aman Azad 3 years ago

      Very motivating.Very nice thought to expess the qualities of an ideal student. Its really very nice

    • profile image

      survi 3 years ago

      Nice I also want to be a ideal student

    • profile image

      jia 3 years ago

      i extremely indebted to u for sharing these useful thoughts.

    • profile image

      Nainika Gireesh 3 years ago

      One of the very important charactreistics of a student is to question. Let the students ask questions. - A.P. J

    • profile image

      the mind cracker 4 years ago

      xellent hub students following these points will surely b successful in life .love it!!. correct path to success. awesome!!

    • profile image

      Gagana 4 years ago

      It seems very motivating.. It's really very nice..:-)

    • profile image

      Snigdha 4 years ago

      Now a days I am very sad and upset cause after changing my school fourth time it has become very difficult for me to make my good image in front of the teachers. Also these days I am feeling very depressive..... because of bad results and I don't know after working so hard for my board exams I couldn't do that well. I got what I never expected..:(:(:(

    • profile image

      kinjalka khatiwada 4 years ago

      it's very nice. other students should also read this. now what to say..........

      i have no words for it and thank you for posting my comment.

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 4 years ago from Bangladesh

      Thank you all for your valuable comments. What kind of problem @zaid sheikh?

    • profile image

      zaid sheikh 4 years ago

      but nowdays ideal student moto is going opposite high living simple thinking

    • profile image

      zaid sheikh 4 years ago

      hmm quite right but as meetakshi wrote we can never be a good student without respecting our teachers and parents

      well nice

    • profile image

      sadhana 4 years ago

      very nice and useful.Every student must follow this.

    • profile image

      meetakshi setiya 4 years ago

      nice and useful hub but an ideal student has the motto simple living and high thinking. you need to add some more things.

      carry on!!

    • profile image

      meetakshi 4 years ago

      like this but as iqra wrote we can never be an ideal student without respecting our teachers and elders

    • profile image

      iqra ayaz 4 years ago

      hmm....quite ryt but we can never be a good student with out respecting our teachers nd our parentx.

    • profile image

      anirudh 5 years ago

      an ideal student should learn that all which would helpful for his future to be a good student

    • profile image

      Aaron Francis 5 years ago

      An ideal student must take he/her studies seriously, also he/her must be dutiful.

    • profile image

      Shruti 5 years ago

      Well.. that was amazing! All the qualities mentioned above must be involved in a student's life and it will open the doors of success for him! Even if the student iz really talented but he wont ever be able to nurture his talents until he follows these straits and become an ideal student! really enriching! Being student,i will definitely try my best to become an ideal student..! Thanx alot! :)

    • profile image

      prashant 5 years ago

      i am 20 yr old & i passed through lots of problem but i make all problem as my power . start handling ur problems convert tham into good.what u have just share with others.respect every one in life. belive in GOD.try to become good one day u will bicome."what u think u become" thanks for some thing new..good............

    • profile image

      suvam 5 years ago

      a student should always cool ................. the posted comments are for the old generation children but ,now time has been changed we were grown up "to kya discipline ko apne baju mein rakhna hai ,arae apun bool ta hai bindas rehne ka ","to mein keheta huin be bindas make other bindas".

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 5 years ago from Bangladesh

      Yes, Fuzail. You are right. I will follow this in future. Thanks

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 5 years ago from Bangladesh

      Thank you @sruthi. Thank you very much for your nice comment.

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 5 years ago from Bangladesh

      Thanks @sweetie1. Yes, you are absolutely right. A teacher is a vital person of a student’s life. He is the conductor for the student. We all should respect them.

    • profile image

      Alee 6 years ago

      If anyone wants to be an ideal student he or she should follow this carefully. No doubts, those qualities are good. Thanks for sharing....great hub..voted up.

    • profile image

      mimi 6 years ago

      hmmm...quit right but we can never be an ideal student without respecting our teachers it must be mentioned

      well nice

    • profile image

      habib 6 years ago

      its really nice.

      thanks breathing

    • profile image

      divya swetha 6 years ago

      its very good essay we have to try to be an ideal student and everyones mind has same thought and always try to be good

    • profile image

      sruthi 6 years ago

      very nice its really the good qualities all the students have to go in this way and develop ur country and bring our country first in good qualities thanother countries

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I'm not so sure about the politics thing - if a student runs for student council and is elected, this gives the student lessons in leadership that they would not otherwise have had.

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 6 years ago from India

      Very nice and thoughtful hub. liked it but you forgot about teachers. In Asian cultures respecting and obeying teachers is more important than obeying parents as god himself said that if god and teacher both are there in room you should pay your respect to teacher first as he is the one who has shown you the path to God.


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