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To Ourself Let Us Be True

Updated on September 23, 2009


“The Clown” has probably affected me more than all of the other writings. I would read it over and over again, and bask in its message. It was like I had been waiting all of my life for someone to tell me that I had permission to be me. That I did not have to don the costume and masks and act out superficial roles in life. I would think of the Greek axiom, “Know thyself” and Shakespeare’s famous quote “To thine own self be true, and thou shalt be false to no man.” One of my favorite pop songs is “The Need to Be” sung by Gladys Knight where she sings “To fulfill the need to be who I am in this world is all that I ask.” She goes on about not being able to pretend and says that she can’t wear a mask.

Discovering who we “truly are” is a life long adventure and process. One must be willing to go inward and meet all the many inner characters and get to know them as a part of this journey if one is to truly know “self”. This is both a very challenging as well as exciting endeavor to engage in. It takes courage and much honesty to come to grips with our dark side as well as our light side. Accepting our vices, addictions and weaknesses of character is as important in our life journey as accepting our strengths, talents and abilities. We cannot know “self” if we do not look in the mirror with eyes willing to gaze upon “self” as it is. We also need to face self with a willingness to challenge our vices and weaknesses that would deprive us of living fully and partaking of the wonders and treasures that our soul has to offer. We have to be willing to make changes!

Reading “The Clown” would cause me to reflect on this “new becoming”. I was filled with a sense that “a new me” was being born. Though I was not sure who this “new me” was to become, the anticipation was exciting and gave me something to look forward to daily. I would think about the biblical passage, “You must be born again before you can enter the kingdom of Heaven”. Though it would be some years before I had a strong sense of personal identity and self, the dream and hope of self actualization and finding “Me” never left. Although finding self in some ways seems abstract and evasive, I still had the desire to achieve this, and the faith that convinced me God would find me a college was just as strong. Well, there were some bad days when it wavered, but on such days I would pray for it to return.

One day I was looking in the mirror imagining that I fully knew who I was. I pictured myself as very content and satisfied with who I am. Amidst the confusion and all my problems, I dreamed of welcoming and embracing my own Individuality. A few days later I wrote “Individuality” which is a poem already posted on another hub by the same title. Enjoy!


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