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Material world vs Becoming who we are

Updated on February 28, 2013

This hub is inspired by Erich Fromm’s remarkable book.

All about the money

We all live in 21st century and we are awfully proud of that.
But did we really climb the ladder of prosperity and wellbeing as species and
individuals or we are getting more and more lost in this modern times. Lost ,
alone and distant from the fellow man.

Once people used to define themselves by who they were. The appreciated their own nature, their own qualities, moral values. They worshiped life more than we do now. They simply were.

Today we have technologies which were impossible to
imagine only century ago, we live in big houses, we drive fast cars, we have
big fat bank accounts , but still we are not happy. Wasn’t that the main idea
of the progress? What is the root cause of this unhappiness?

The firs reason is that life is getting more and more complicated. We depend on money to live a normally, therefore we are constantly working. There is simply not that much time to create solid and meaningful relationships with others. We turn ourselves into moneymaking machines, always busy, always in a hurry.

The second thing which makes us unhappy is how we
spend the money we earn. We are buried in things we don’t actually need. Maybe when we go shopping we think “If I buy this new dress, and this new TV I would be satisfied and totally happy”. Happiness can’t be bought everyone knows that,than why are we doing this over and over again?I mentioned that a while ago people used to define themselves by who they really are. Today we define ourselves by the things we have. In our society” to have” is considered to be the greatest value one could possess. We even turned our moral values , qualities and feelings into measurable possessions. How do often do you hear someone say “"I have great love for you," which is meaningless.Love is not a thing that one can have, but a process, an inner activity that one is the subject of. I can love, I can be in love, but in loving, I have .. .nothing. In fact, the less I have, the more I can love. While spending so much time trying to have different things we have forgotten what is like to simply be, what is like to feel connected with others , because the only way to create deep relationship with someone else is to be yourself, to simply exist and exist simply. The greatest things in life are small and if we live a life where time is money and all that matters is material we will never be happy


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