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Top 10 Countries That Could invade each other in near future

Updated on December 12, 2016
Top 10 Countries That Could Engage in War Sooner than we think.

10:- USA VS. Russia

USA and Russia are two biggest and powerful nuclear powers in the world. Tensions are high right now between both countries on war in Syria and Russia’s support of Syria’s leader Bashar AL-Assad. On October 3rd, Spokesperson for U.S States department John Kirby announced that “Washington has suspended Diplomatic Talks with Russia over Syria”. They also had cold relations in 2014 on the issue of Ukraine.

Russia is building relations with Iran supporting its controversial nuclear program. Edward Snowden, Former National Security Agency Contractor and a whistleblower who revealed that the US government is involved in mass surveillance of its citizens and is wanted by USA on many charges was granted temporary asylum in Russia. With all those things in mind, there is a strong possibility that another cold war can happen between these two countries.

9:- USA VS. China

South China Sea Controversy. China is claiming control over waters in South Asia stating that it lies in its territory, rejecting the claims of Philippines. United States Energy information Agency (USEI) states that there are over 11 Billion barrels of oil and 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in deposits under the south sea. United States has also sent warships and military aircraft around south sea to monitor the situation closely.

Liu Zhenmin, vice minister of the ministry of affairs china said, “The Chinese people do not want to have war, So we will be opposed to the us if it stirs up any conflict”. According to Bloomberg, China and USA makes about 36 percent of the world economy. Newsweek States, “China’s Neighbors such as Vietnam and Philippines have also urged Obama to be more aggressive, and have offered U.S Forces the use of their bases”.

8:- USA VS. North Korea

There is something not right when we hear that North Korea and America do not have any diplomatic relations since 1950.Kim Jong-Un the supreme leader of north Korea is repeatedly conducting Nuclear experiments ignoring the warnings by United Nations (U.N) and US.Just recently North Korea conducted its 5th and most powerful nuclear experiment and described it as a breakthrough in its controversial program.

On the other hand.US says it cannot let North Korea become a nuclear country. Because, it would be a threat to the US citizens and rest of the world and results could be worse. While, North Korea claims it’s for the self-defense .well whatever the reasons are we hope they reach on a peaceful agreement as we saw what happened when a nuclear bomb was dropped last time on japan.

7:- USA VS. Philippines

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte recently told US president Barack Obama to withdraw its forces from Philippines soil as soon as possible. Philippines president has started a crackdown on Drug dealers and smugglers and approximately 3000 people have been killed and more than 20,000 people arrested since its War on drugs.

President Duterte is showing no sign of weakness and has called on President Obama to not to interfere in this war on drugs and used some foul language.UN and other human right organizations are extremely concerned over daily killings. So, there is a strong chance US can send its forces to stabilize the situation.

6:-USA VS. Turkey

On July 15TH 2016, an army faction tried to topple the government of Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.But was dealt with people power. Thousands came to the street of Istanbul and Ankara to show their support for democracy. Turkey’s president accused US for the failed coup and demanded the custody of Gulen who is living in self-Exiled asylum in US since 1999 and is the main suspect behind the failed coup.

Due to the incident, the relationship between two countries got from bad to worse. President Obama also expressed his concerns over failed coup and said US does not have to do anything with that and golin.So far the US president has shown a lot of patience in response to turkey’s allegations.

5:- North Korea VS. South Korea

In a strange twist of tales, once a country are now enemies. In 1950, North Korea attacked South Korea and all hell broke loose. United Nations and USA supported South Korea While Russia and china supported North Korea in a war which lasted 3 years and effects are still seen today. The relationship between these two countries is always worse with incidents happening every other day and both countries blaming each other.

South Korea has a big support from US and both countries will be conducting joint military exercises this spring. North Korea is almost isolated from the entire world and has almost every sanctions imposed on it.Both countries have one of the heavily armed borders in the world and citizens are separated by DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).Both counties have propaganda against each other Including their own military prisoners and brain washing of people through TV channels and in schools.

4:- Pakistan VS India

Pakistan and India are bitter enemies. Both countries have fought 3 major wars (1948, 1965, and 1971) since their independence. Recently India claimed it has conducted surgical strikes in Pakistan against militants that were responsible for the killings of Indian soldiers in Uri Kashmir.While,Pakistan says it was just cross firing at Line Of Control (LOC).

Biggest Issue between these two countries is a disputed place called Kashmir. It’s divided into Azad Kashmir controlled by Pakistan and Jammu Kashmir controlled by India. Both countries claim Kashmir is their territory and accuse each other of funding terrorism in the region. With situation like this it is highly possible both countries can go to war any time. Just a reminder, both countries have nuclear power and one of the best forces in the world.

3:- China VS India

Asia’s two biggest giants China and India went head to head in 1962 and the results were devastating for both sides. Both countries have border disputes mainly in assai chin region and Arunachal area. India also gave Dalai Lama asylum and china wasn’t happy about that.

China is an extremely close ally of Pakistan and is starting a billion dollar Mutual co-operation with the name of CPEC (China Pakistan economic corridor).As mentioned, India and Pakistan are also on the verge of war which makes things even more intense. China also voted against India’s membership of nuclear supplier group (NSG) which also affected the already intense relations.

2:- Israel VS. Pakistan

Pakistan has not formally accepted Israel as a free country and there are no relations what so ever between them mainly on Palestinian issue. Pakistan accuses Israel of carry out negative propaganda in its country with the help of India.

Majority of Pakistanis sees Israelis as illuminati and Zionist. Another major factor is religion. Pakistan is a Muslim country and considers Jews as their worst enemies. Interesting fact here is that both countries gained their independence in the name of religion. Islamic republic of Pakistan and Jewish republic of Israel.

1:- Saudi Arabia VS Yemen

Now that’s a new. We might have no idea what’s going in the Arab world right now. But the reality is Saudi Arabia is carrying out air strikes in Yemen for past 18 months which has killed and injured many people with the support from Obama administration. Saudi Arabia accuses the rebels in Yemen which have captured the main city Sana of Syria of carrying out suicide bombings in its towns and has vowed to use firepower till they are crushed.

Saudi Arabia has also faced criticism from United Nations (U.N) and other countries over the killing of children and women in the airstrikes. There is a strong chance Saudis could send their army across the border to fight rebels with the help of US in coming time.


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