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Top 10 Cryptids Still Lurking Around New Jersey

Updated on July 14, 2019
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Ricky Rodson is an experienced cryptozoologist with several published books on the subjects of zoology, cryptozoology, and mythical beasts.

Top 10 Cryptids Still Lurking Around New Jersey

There are lots of lists online comprised of cryptids from around the world, I have even made a few myself. Because of this, I have chosen to narrow down this list to only cryptids living, or thought to be living, in New Jersey. But do not fear, just because our list is only comprised of creatures from New Jersey doesn't mean it will not contain a variety of mysterious wildlife. Our list of cryptids from New Jersey contains all sorts of animals ranging from large sea serpents attacking fishermen to hairy monkey-like beast looking to kidnap children.

The Sandy Hook Sea Serpent
The Sandy Hook Sea Serpent | Source

Sandy Hook Sea Serpent

The first sighting of this giant sea creature was all the way back in November of 1879. At this time the beast was thought to be nothing more than a giant squid but reports of sea monsters being sighted off the coast began to appear all over the state. Most of these stories describe the Sandy Hook Sea Serpent as being over 50-foot long and having the outline of a serpentine. Its head was said to be small in size and its shape resembled a bulldog with two short horns just above the eyes. The creatures snake-like body was said to have formed a pointed tail like a sharp knife. What's even more terrifying than its appearance is that the creature was said to have lifted its head from the water and let out a blood-curdling scream.

Spook Rabbit
Spook Rabbit

Spook Rabbit

The Spook Rabbit, while dangerous, is easily the cutest of cryptids found in New Jersey. Residents of Harmony Township have been claiming their county is the home of a strange menace for over 120 years. According to the local legends, Spook rabbits are extremely tough for their small size and are actually capable of evading bullets. These fluffy killers make their homes in the hills of the county and are known for venturing out in packs with goals of attacking hunting dogs and avenging the deaths of their companions.

Big Red Eye
Big Red Eye

Big Red Eye

The Big Red Eye is New Jersey's own version of Bigfoot. While the description of the creature generally matches that of Bigfoot, with long hair and the ability to walk on its hind legs, but it differs from the infamous cryptid due to it's glowing red eyes. Even thou most Big Red Eye sightings have taken place in the northwest corner of the state, it is generally believed he has a much larger roaming area. Several residents of Sussex County have also claimed to hear the constant sound of primitive wailing noises coming from the woods lasting for hours at a time.

Hoboken Monkey-Man
Hoboken Monkey-Man

Hoboken Monkey-Man

The Hoboken Monkey-Man is an unlikely cryptid that has been rumored to stalk children of Hoboken, New Jersey for the last 30-40 years. When school began in 1982 so did the stories of this half-man half-monkey monster. These stories usually depict this ape-like creature as extremely violent, being known for kidnapping some children and throwing others from windows. Most people choose to believe the creature was only invented by children to explain several kidnappings that happened in the area around the time, but others swear by its existence to this day.

Similar to The Lake Hopatcong Sea Monster
Similar to The Lake Hopatcong Sea Monster

Lake Hopatcong Sea Monster

The Lake Hopatcong Sea Monster, or more affectionately known as Hoppie, was first documented in an 1894 issue of Lake Hopatcong Angler. The article described a creature with the head of a large dog and the body of an extremely long snake. The Lake Hopatcong Sea Monster is usually reported to be seen near the inlet of River Styx. Since the height of Hoppies populatity, another strange creature thought to be a boa constrictor as entered the waterways and began tormenting the locals.

Video About The Sea Monster of Lake Hopatcong

Wemategunis | Source


Wemategunis, or 'Delaware Indians" are a tribe of mysterious little people said to only be about 3 feet tall. The Lenape tribe of Native Americans have believed them to be benevolent forest spirits that simply enjoyed playing mischievous pranks on people. For their small size, Wemategunis are known to possess enormous amounts of strength. While most encounters with Wemategunis are by chance, they have been known to react poorly to those who do not laugh at, or at least pretend to enjoy, their pranks.


White Stag of Shamong
White Stag of Shamong

White Stag of Shamong

The White Stag of Shamong is another benevolent creature said to inhabit the New Jersey, Pine Barrens since the 1700s. This pale buck is known to show itself to travelers in an attempt to prevent impending disasters. The most popular story of this mythical beast describes a time it halted a stagecoach to prevent it from crashing into the Batsto River. On a dark and stormy night, a stagecoach driver was riding along Quaker-Bridge road when all of his horses immediately came to a complete halt. When the stagecoach driver got down to see why the horses had stopped he saw the White Stag of Shamong seconds before it vanished into thin air. When he approached the area for a better look he noticed the bridge was out. From this day forward, no hunter would shot at any white deer.


Mantis Man

The Mantis Man is a giant tall bug-like creature that is said to live near the Musconetcong River in Hackettstown, New Jersey. The few reports of this bug that exist are said to come from local fishermen, all whom of which witnessed it while fishing. They say the Mantis-Man is tall enough to stand in the bottom of the lake without being submerged making it over 9 feet tall. What is odd about the tales is that normal Praying Mantis' actually tend to stay away from water.

Maned American Lion
Maned American Lion

Maned American Lion

The Maned American Lion is a North American large cat that is said to closely resemble a male African lion. They are approximately 5–8 feet in length and stand about 3 feet tall. The cat is also said to have a shaggy brown coat with thick hair around its neck like a mane. Some stories have said it differs from their African counterparts by having partially striped coats. While the existence of these animals is still disputed, they are sometimes said to pair with Eastern Pumas.

Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl

Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is one of the worlds most popular cryptids to have ever existed. Stories of this anomaly animal The beast is native to the dense woodlands of New Jersey known as the Pine Barrens. Most people that have witnessed the creature described it as having a tail like a snake, goat-like hooves, leathery bat-wings, and a head that resembles a horse or Donkey. Stories about the Jersey Devil have been going around for over 300 years with the first sighting being back in the 1700s.

Video About The Jersey Devil

Can Cryptids Actually Exist In New Jersey?

Because of New Jersey's dense human populution, a lot of cryptozoologists doubt any cryptids are able to live in the state. But contrary to these beliefs, New Jersey is home to over 1000 different species of animals making it one of the most biologically diverse states. This diversity comes from New Jersey vast collection of ecosystems containing upland hardwood forests, coastal marine areas, pine forests, lakes, and rivers. Because of this vast ecosystem, it wouldn't be hard for some elusive animals to exist.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Ricky Rodson


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