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Top 10 Fears That People Have

Updated on July 24, 2018
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Brittany Banks is a young woman who likes to help people in difficult situations.


All around the world, people are scared of something or have some type of phobia. Phobias can change over time which in other cases, they have had it for their entire life. What makes them scared of these situations? Maybe its something in their child hood or maybe it's just something their brain reacts to differently. It's crazy what people are afraid of and you think, "Why are you afraid of this?" Sometimes the person doesn't even know why they are in the first place.


Yes, you guessed it if you already know it. This is the fear of spiders. Why are people afraid of spiders you may ask? Well some are poisonous and some are not. I used to have that fear as a child, so I personally understand why people are afraid. I cured my fear by holding a tarantula. You know what it did? It waved its little arm at me. You just have to keep calm and hold a steady hand. They will only bite you if you feel threatened.

Why would you be afraid of this cutie? He's not poisonous.
Why would you be afraid of this cutie? He's not poisonous. | Source


The fear of snakes is another common one. Maybe the person accidently stepped on one and got bit? Some snakes are also poisonous, but either way they do have a nasty bite. I used to have this fear until one of my friends got a baby ball python. I fell in love with it. Do I have one myself? No, but maybe some day.


This one is called the fear of heights. You don't want to go on a roller coaster or on a 40 story building and look out a window. This is a very common one, because people are afraid they are going to fall or get pushed off of the edge. People feel very uncomfortable in this situation and may even throw up. They would just rather be on the lower level. But what they don't know, is the most highest places on earth are the most beautiful places to visit.



Feeling a little cluster phobic in the restaurant you are sitting in? Or maybe it's in a small space or a crowd. This is actually called, Clustrophobia. This is very common for people to have when they have bad anxiety. Their brain will start freaking out and they start feeling dizzy and sweating. They could actually pass out. This is a very common one to have. It doesn't surprise me when someone comes up to me and says they are cluster phobic.


Ever flown in plane? Probably not if you have this phobia. This is the fear of flying we are talking about. Rather it could also be in a hot air balloon or paragliding. These people are just afraid something can happen and they will fall to their death. In some cases these types people can have heart attacks. I probably also have this fear and just don't know it. I've never been in a plane before or have been in this type of situation.



This is the fear of dying. They go to the doctor a lot and make sure they are always in good health. They eat healthy and exercise a lot. Or maybe they are just afraid to die? It's actually a very common fear to have. I even think about it sometimes and it freaks me out myself.


This is the fear of needles. No one likes them unless you have a good pain tolerance and is covered in tattoos or piercings. Which I am not personally, I hate them and needle pain is a weird one. I heard tattoos are different then having a shot done from the doctor. But I don't know about that. This is also a common fear or phobia that people have. Some people may even pass out from the sight of one. That would suck especially if you are diabetic.



Ever had bees chasing after you? You probably added this fear to your list. They sting and they hurt, but we need them to help grow plants around the world. It sucks, but it's true. If you ever get stung by one of these, put some mud on your sting or chewing tobacco also works.


Ever seen all those creepy dolls at grandmas house as a child? I feel bad for you, because now, your probably afraid of them. The fear of dolls is another common phobia that people are just simply terrified. I hate them myself; especially the old fashioned ones. Don't watch the movie Annabell or The Boy. I have a lady at work that buys a million of these dolls. I really feel bad for those kids if she has any.


People with OCD may have this fear. They are afraid that they are going to catch a airborne virus somehow and die. You can not change their mind about this situation at all. They carry hand sanitizer and wipes everywhere they go. You may also never see the inside of their homes.


Is your fear on this list, if so, I feel bad for you.

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© 2018 Brittany Banks


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