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Best Manufacturing Cities in Ohio

Updated on December 28, 2020
Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Ms. Inglish is a successful Employment & Training pro, setting Midwest regional records with tens of thousands placed in gainful employment.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Large national park southwest of Solon, Ohio.
Large national park southwest of Solon, Ohio. | Source

Manufacturing Increases 2012 - 2017

During March 2017, Central Ohio enjoyed the presence of over 1800 successful manufacturer's according to local Chambers of Commerce.

Out of the 150,000 new jobs promised by the project Columbus 2020 from 2010 - 2020, over 116,000 such jobs were developed by the beginning of 2017 with three years to go. At that point, the estimate rose to 167,865 new jobs by 2020 (Reference: March 17, 2017). This success has enabled smaller cities in the state to fevelop manufacturing jobs as well.

By August 2012, Ohio jobs that could be found advertised online increased to over 161,600 positions over the previous year, with more than 23,000 in Manufacturing.

By January 2014, job listings increased to 218,000 and 27,300, respectively.

January 2017 saw job listings at approximately 150,000 and manufacturing jobs at 18,000, with a decreasing unemployment rate of 4.9% according to Business First.

Economic Recovery Manifesting in New Jobs

The formerly destitute Northeast Sector of the Great State of Ohio has come into the spotlight again,this time for small towns that are great places to live and work. Solon, Highland Heights, and Twinsburg caught the eye of economic analysts at Money Magazine online, who included the three in America's 100 Best Small Towns.

Solon, Ohio is Number Three on the overall list of 100 small towns that are favored for their economic health and job growth, safety, lower crime rates, educational performance K-12, growing arts and culture, and other advantages. Highland Heights is Number 30 and Twinsburg is Number 32 out 100. Also on the list are two towns from the Ohio Space Corridor Region -- Mason (near Cincinnati) at Number 24 and Springboro (near Dayton) at Number 42.

During 2011, Northeast Ohio and the Ohio Space Corridor began to grow in manufacturing and aerospace related industry jobs. The populations are growing as well, despite the number of individuals moving from Ohio to Florida in the 2000s - early 2010s. Ohio will lose Congressional seats in 2011-2012 and Florida will gain.

Northeastern Ohio: Solon, Highland Heights and Twinsburg

Solon OH:
Solon, OH, USA

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Highland Heights OH:
Highland Heights, OH, USA

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Twinsburg OH:
Twinsburg, OH, USA

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Solon: Food and Manufacturing

Solon residents are proud of the fact that parents are involved in their students' education to the extent that Solon schools scores the Number One Best in Ohio on standardized testing in the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 schools year and the local middle school and high school students won the overall National Championships in the Science Olympiad, with success also in debate and speech competitions.

Construction has been in high gear in this town since the Stimulus Funding of 2009 was distributed. Some residents complain of the contraction obstacles, but most seem pleased with the growth and improvement of infrastructure and increase commercial and residential dwellings.

Restaurants seem a prime construction focus and residents and commuters state that lots of people work in the city and eat lunch out. It's a healthy daytime economic picture. In fact, there are nearly 2,400 restaurants within 15 miles of the city center. That sounds astronomical. Healthcare is another large sector of the economy, with the Cleveland Clinic Family Care Center right in Solon.

Job listings have increased in Solon all through 2011 with some fluctuation. August saw 850 listings in or nearest the city of population 23,300; with a total of over 40,000 jobs in the market area of Cleveland-Akron-Solon. Leading companies posting jobs are:

  1. Nestle USA - R & D, sales, manufacturing
  2. Integrity Technical Services - Technicians and IT
  3. Swagelok - Mfg of industrial Equipment
  4. Erico International - Mfg and design of specialty metal products
  5. Kelly Services - Mfg and machining
  6. Kelly Engineering Resources - Industrial design, manufacturing
  7. CVS Caremark - Group insurance operations; analysts, engineers, others needed.
  8. Volt Information Sciences - Technicians and machinists, manufacturing
  9. Cintas - Uniform mfg. and sales
  10. Cybercoders - IT/Computers - Scientists needed
  11. Arrow Electronics - Manufacturing
  12. Belcan - Manufacturing
  13. Sedgwick Claims Management Services

Top 10 High Demand Job Titles: Medical Assistant, Business & Systems Analysts, Lathe Machinist/Operator,CDL Truck Driver, Manager Trainee, Batch Mixer, Mfg. Engineer, MFG. Planner/Scheduler, Mill Machinist, Practice Managers.

Within 25 miles of Solon: top job titles include a number of licensed Healthcare Professions for Cleveland Clinic, Summa Health, MetroHealth System, Kaiser Permanente, University Hospitals, Southwest General Health Center, and Southwest General Health.

High Demand Jobs in Solon

In March 2017, Solon had 400 manufacturing jobs among its 3,500 job listings (Source: Indeed,com).

  1. Manufacturing Engineers
  2. Maintenance Technicians
  3. Quality Engineers
  4. Production Supervisors
  5. Event Specialists
  6. Electrical Engineers
  7. CNC Machinists
  8. Financial Analysts
  9. Machine Operators
  10. Project Managers

Highland Heights and Twinsburg

Highland Heights and Twinsburg are within a 25-mile radius of Solon and have easy access to Solon and other job listings. together, the two cities access over 4,000 manufacturing job listings.

The town of Bedford, between Solon and Twinsburg to the west, also offers nearly 200 skilled and professional jobs consistently at Boehringer Ingelheim pharmaceutical design and manufacturing company.

Also in Bedford is Ben Venue Laboratories, manufacturer of sterile products with about 150 jobs open all year.

Rockwell Automation in Twinsburg specializes in producing automation devices and software, usually lists a sizable number of jobs as well. Rockwell overall is one of the companies associated with NASA in the Commerical Crew partnerships.

Highland Heights:
Highland Heights, OH 44143, USA

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Twinsburg, OH 44087, USA

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Progressive Auto Insurance

In August, over 300 jobs are available in this area with the auto insurance giant. Progressive Corp. expects to hire about 130 additional people in the Greater Cleveland Area, including Solon, Highland Heights, and Twinsburg during Autumn 2011 and more throughout 2012 - 2015.

Call center jobs pays $12 to $15 an hour, plus benefits. IT techs and analysts positions are also available.

Regularly check at for openings in NE Ohio.

Progressive Auto Insurance XPrize Since 2009

Northwestern Quadrant for New Manufacturing

Union County Ohio:
Union, OH, USA

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Honda Plant, Marysville

Russells Point OH:
Russells Point, OH, USA

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This is also the site of the resort area, Indian Lake.

Anna OH:
Anna, OH 45302, USA

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Anna has become a center for automobile parts manufacturing.

Anna also accesses manufacturing and other jobs in Lima, Sidney, Troy, Piqua, and Minster, Ohio. Agriculture is an ongoing industry in this area and wind farms are being erected and expanded here.

It is easy to see that Honda's new Accord brought in new jobs,with a new car unveiled in August 2012 followed by manufacturing expansion through early 2020.

Southwestern Ohio: The Ohio Space Corridor

Springboro OH:
Springboro, OH, USA

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Mason OH:
Mason, OH, USA

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This is also the home of King's Island park and resort complex.

Great Wolf Lodge in Mason Ohio.
Great Wolf Lodge in Mason Ohio. | Source

The Ohio Space Corridor Towns

The major draw to Mason is the performance of the school system in academic testing at Number Five in Ohio during the 2009 - 2010 school year.

Friends of mine live in Mason and love it for its proximity to Kings Island Amusement Park. They may live north of Cincinnati, but the city center is only about 25 minutes away via either highway I-71 or I-75, which meet in the Queen City at the Norwood Lateral.

Jobs available in Mason include: JBoss BPRM Developers (IT), Pharmacy Technicians, Java Developers, PC Specialists, Employment Recruiters, Data Specialists, Truck Drivers, Customer Services jobs, Sales Jobs, and Seniors Healthcare jobs.

GE Aviation and GE Energy list nearly 500 job openings that are easily accessible from Mason, in Industrial and IT Design, Engineering, and related positions.

Norwood Lateral:
OH-562, Ohio, USA

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Connection between major highways in Cincinnati.

Some residents of Mason also commute to Springboro or on to Dayton for work in the aerospace industry.

Stolz Industrial Park in Springboro increases its tenants consistent to include additional local businesses in this spot halfway between Dayton and Cincinnati's Outerbelt highway, next to I-75 just west of town. Springboro is within 5 miles of both air and rail transportation as well as I-75 and offers tax incentives for new businesses.

Springboro job listings offer: Staff Nurses (RNs) in various specialites, Environmental Services jobs, Physical and Occupational Therapists, First Line Supervisors in various industries, Casual Dining and Fast Food Crew positions, Customer Service jobs, and Sales positions. The Kettering Healthcare Network offers the largest numbers of positions of any kind in this town.

The Ohio Space Corridor is on the move in the toward 2022 and gearing up for manufacturing related to the White House's push for the Mission to Mars and privatized space flight.

Southeastern Ohio: Coal Mining Leader

Athens OH:
Athens, OH 45701, USA

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Millfield OH:
Millfield, OH 45761, USA

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Site of the Millfield Coal Mine Disaster in the early 1900s.

Logan OH:
Logan, OH 43138, USA

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Ironton OH:
Ironton, OH, USA

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Marietta OH:
Marietta, OH 45750, USA

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Patty Inglish MS


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