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Top 10 Stationary Musts For Your Academic Year!

Updated on January 25, 2016


To take plenty of breaks: stretch, rehydrate, take your eyes and mind off of the current task. Plan ahead and stick to it!

1. Technology

Whether you use a desktop, laptop or tablet be sure you know how to access relevant programs and documents. Check for updates regularly and software that is compatible with your college or university, ahead of schedule.

Make sure they are well ventilated, on charge and remember to save your work regularly! You don't want 3 hours of work to go missing if something goes wrong!

Print off a finalised hard copy as a back up and file it away.

2. Books

Check and recheck any required books you may need to purchase as well as the course textbooks.

If you can't purchase it, look into getting it ordered to your local library where you may be able to check it out for a long period of time.

3. Pens, Pencils etc

Make sure you have an obscene number of pens and pencils that you prefer to use because nothing is worse than in the middle of writing and it either breaks or the ink runs out! If you haven't found a brand or type you prefer to use, I would suggest buying a selection from a place such as WH Smith and it would be a matter of trial and error.

I highly recommend Paper Mate Ink Joy because it is in a triangular shape making it comfortable to use for a long period of time and the ink runs smoothly without smudging.

4. Paper

This is a given; but not everyone chooses to take notes with pen and paper. I would suggest either a refill pad of lined paper of a decent quality as to thin a paper could mean reading notes from a previous page easier than on the current one. Or perhaps a jotter depending on your personal preferences.

5. Planner

Many people use calenders and various other apps but it could be useful having a planner you could either put up on the wall, fridge or notice board. It's best to set out how many hours a day/week you can study with leisure, classes, socialisation, commitments in mind. Your daily life shouldn't revolve around your course work but you should take into consideration how much time you need to read the relevant information, do the assessments and write the essays. Planning breaks would help in the long run and remember to integrate it with your technological applications and keep them in sync.

6. Post Its

You will learn to love and hate them but they will come in handy! Get decent ones because you don't want to lose anything important because the glue was rubbish on the back of it! These are great for last second reminders, notes to self, bookmarking quotes or pages in your textbooks without damaging them.

7. Highlighters

Self explanatory...they will be useful, believe me! Try colour coding your notes with them. For example: blue-quotes; green-examples; pink-words to look up later etc

You may find certain colours are easier on the eyes for you and stick to those ones.

8. External Harddrive

Whether it be on a USB stick, or external hard-drive keep another copy of your work because you never know what could happen with your PC or if last minute you forget your hard copy you could always go to a library and print off another copy!

Argos, PC World and Amazon have offers on throughout the year, and you can pick up small portable 8gb ones for a few pounds and 1TB hard-drives for £45.

9. Printer

It doesn't matter if you can't afford the top of the line make, or if it can do a million things, the main purpose is to have a hard copy of your work for reference, submitting or general filing system.

It is completely up to you how much you plan to spend on a printer, if you are planning on just printing off your work you can pick up a simple one for £20 inc ink and pick up a pad of paper for £5!

This also depends on if you are simply printing words (black on white) if your work consists of graphs, photographs etc I would recommended a more expensive one and invest in refilling your ink cartridges.

10. Back support and or other handy gadgets

I have found I can easily get distracted in my work and spend hours sitting up at an awkward angle and have found these to be a god-send. I picked mine up from a pound shop, for funny enough £1! I also have a funky gadget that plugs into my usb to keep my mug of tea warm as I've often forgotten about it and when I go to take a sip it's freezing cold!

Ebay and amazon are your friend for this too but be sure not to get carried away and forget about your work!

With that in mind

What things do you find essential?

Have you found any must haves for a great price?


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