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Top 10 courses to do after passing 12th class

Updated on April 25, 2017

If you are not sure about what courses to choose after passing 12th class, this hub will help you to find top 10 options you can choose after 12th class. There are only few students in India who are sure about what they are going to do after 12th because either they recieve right guidance right from the begining or their parents choose their future for them. For others who don't get right guidance, it is always difficult to get the right advise. One wrong choice and they have to repent for whole life.

When I passed my 12th, we didn't have much choices at that time. For us, it was either engineering or doctor or simple graduation followed by preparation for government exams. Some professional course such as BBA and BCA started to mushroom during those time, but people were not very keen for them.Now a days with such an open economy and tons of options in the market, if someone choose very carefully, he or she can make a very good career.

1. Engineering after 12th

Engineering is an ever green field and is likely to generate bulk of the jobs in India for a foreseeable future. However, one need to be very careful while choosing engineering as their career. India produce more than 2 lacs engineers every year. Out of these 2 lacs engineer, only around 20 percent gets decent jobs and rest have to try different fields after engineering or go to further studies. Reason behind such trend is that there are hundreds of engineering colleges across India and most of them provide sub standard education. Most of these engineering colleges run as money making machine. Hence, its quite important to choose the right engineering college. For more information, please check my hub - Top 10 Engineering college in India.

Not all engineering streams will guarantee a job after course as job market for streams such as chemical, mining etc are quite weak. Hence you should avoid these stream unless you are doing them from IITs.

If you want to go for engineering, then you have to start your preparation right after class 10 because you will need at least 2 years of study to crack IITs or NITs.

2. Medical after 12th

Medical is the next sought out undergraduate course after engineering. Since, Medical seats are quite less when compared to engineering, competition is very tough. However, unlike engineering, almost all medical college are reputed.

Of all medical colleges in India, AIIMS are the most sought out institute. Generally in last few years, compared to engineers, doctors get more respect in society. For medical as well, you will need to start your preparation right after class 10th. Some students who gets physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology in their class 11 and 12, try to prepare for both medical and engineering. I personally will not advise this as doing this will divide your concentration.

If you don't like maths and you also don't want to go for general 3 years graduation, then medical is your best bet. However, make yourself ready for hard work and long study duration of upto 8 years as you don't want to restrict yourself to MBBS. Mostly everyone go for MD which take another 2 years after MBBS.

3. NDA or Army Engineering after 12th Class

One good option after 12th is to join NDA or Army engineering. For NDA, you do not need science stream, however, for army engineering you will need science stream. Good thing about these two options is that these gives you a job straight away. You will complete your graduation while you do your training. Additional benefit is that it will save you cost for graduation as government will bear all the cost of training and graduation. In addition, you will get salary as well during training.

For NDA, you will get notification on UPSC website or Employment news. For army engineering, you will get notification in news paper and employment news. These option will give you additional satisfaction of serving your country.

4. BBA or BCA

Rather than doing regular BSc and BCom, its advisable to do some professional undergraduate programs. If you want to go into that direction, then doing Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Computer application is a good idea. Not only these course gives your a bachelor degree, but they also prepare you for MBA and MCA if you want to do masters.

With the ever tighteing job market, students who do regular BScs and BComs are forced to go for masters. Compared to them, students who do BBA and BCA already have professional knowledge and also have advantage if they plan to do MBA and MCA becaused they have already learned a good bit in their undergraduate courses.

For details on differences between BCA and BBA, please go through my other hub Which course to choose after 12th - BBA vs BCA .


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      Debarati Mukherji 8 months ago

      Excellent & very helpful Hub:)